Hot Days of Summer {Part 2}

I have an absolute love/hate relationship with New Orleans. The traffic getting there and back is always terrible and the French Quarter quickly looses it's charm after the 3rd drink has been spilled on you or you've stepped in another pile of vomit. However, there are so many amazing restaurants, museums and historical charms of the city that I can't help going back for more. We finally made it to the New Orleans Aquarium this trip. I went once in elementary school years ago and we've tried to go a few times before but the timing didn't work out. It is one of the best museums I've ever been to - very kid friendly, well maintained and huge!

After the Aquarium we ate at Napoleons House and had a drink at the Carousel Bar.

We had the best breakfast ever at the JW Marriot!

Of course we couldn't leave without stopping by my favorite place in New Orleans!

I got this salad for lunch on the way home but I ended up eating it as soon as we checked out, at 9:30 a.m.

We got home Saturday afternoon and spent most of the afternoon in bed watching Buffy. My back held up pretty good on the trip and I was able to get out and run a little today! I have an appointment with the chiropractor today to see what may have caused this and how I can prevent it from happening again. The pain in my back is almost gone completely but my right hip has been popping out about half the time I'm walking. Matt and I are leaving on vacation later this week and we plan on doing a lot of hiking while we are in Las Cruces visiting his parents so I need to get this fixed!