Hot Summer Days {Part 1}

Our Air Conditioning went out on Thursday.

We went to a hotel.

I'm happy Salem is so easy to acclimate to new environments. I get more stressed out having to travel with him then he does! It was great to have cable for a while. We watched a lot of news and the Olympics. I definitely have Olympic fever! We ran to Target that night to stock up on stuff for my back since we were leaving for New Orleans the next day.

Thankfully the AC was fixed first thing Friday morning so we took off for New Orleans right after that. Matt's firm decided to do their Associate Retreat there this year so we went out for just a quick over night trip to meet up with everyone in the French Quarter.

We stayed at the J.W. Marriott - which is NOT the same as the Marriott directly across from it (can you tell we may have made that mistake?)

Will post pictures of our trip tomorrow! My back is feeling a little bit better. I've been alternating between Tylenol for arthritis and Bayer. I'll also switch between ice packs and heating pads. I've managed to walk about 2 miles each day since Wednesday and it really helps loosen my back and hips up. We're headed to the beach now to swim around for a bit!