How a Single Moment Can Change Everything

I started thinking the other day about how I got where I am today. Wondering what may have triggered the events in the past few years that led me to the place I am in life. Could it be traced back to a single decision? A fleeting moment? I came across a quote that said something to the effect of how our lives are nothing more than a few big moments that change everything. I actually disagree. I think life is made up of the little things, the everyday decisions. The simple daily choices to eat healthier or workout when you can. Those seemingly small actions can have a profound effect on your life.

Right after I graduated high school I took a job working at a tanning salon. I met a lot of cute guys there, got to tan for free, and was overall quite pleased with my happy, yet totally shallow, life. I left that job after a few months but began working at a different salon a few years later. I landed that job because of my original experience working at a tanning salon.

In between salon 1 and salon 2 I had turned 21 and began the rapid weight gain that put me into the morbidly obese category with a BMI of 30.5. I was depressed, my self-esteem was non-existent, and on a whim while bored at work one night I messaged this super hot guy who lived in a nearby town. I think that moment, that very second I came across his profile, changed everything. One Moment

One of the best patterns I see in the last few years is that my life tends to improve substantially after a break-up. When a relationship ends it can seem like the world has collapsed around you. Everything you know, your comfort, your routine, has been pulled out from underneath you. But, it is in that time where you are suddenly given the freedom to start over. With every major life adjustment, even the horrible cry-yourself-to-sleep ones, there is still an opportunity to use it as a catalyst for change.


Do you think your life is where it is at now because of one major event, or a small decision?