How I Stay Organized: A Peek Inside my Planner


This is NOT a sponsored post. I am just 100% obsessed with this planner!

I didn't know this world existed.

A world full of planners, and people who spend hours every week meticulously decorating them. It's like a hybrid scrapbook/planner/art work.

I've been looking for the 'perfect' planner for about a year now. Every few months I'd get the itch to buy one, do a bunch of research, and then give up when I couldn't find any that fit my needs. I was :::thisclose::: to buying a $50+ Erin Condren planner when someone suggested I look into a Happy Planner.

My 'wants' in a planner were pretty simple: vertical layout, no breakdown of the day by time, a place to write notes each week outside of the specific day, and (this was the biggie) the day divided into sections so I can keep blog, work, and family obligations separate.

Winner: Happy Planner!


So the #1 amazing thing about this planner is that you can get it for $15 bucks. Yeah, not $50 ... FIFTEEN. It retails for $25 but you can always snag a 40% off any one item coupon from Micahels or Hobby Lobby so don't ever pay full price for it (if you can find it in person.) The only problem right now is that they are SO hard to find! Their website says that all Hobby Lobby stores should carry them, and some Michaels, but both of my stores have been out for weeks.

When I first saw a Happy Planner online, and knew it would be perfect for me, I became obsessed. I watched countless videos comparing this planner to others. I read every online review I could find. I searched "HappyPlanner" on Instagram and saw hundreds of women showing off how they decorated theirs for the week.

I was on a mission. I've always had a bit of an obsessive personality type but I think being 39 weeks pregnant hormones have put my obsessive tendencies into overdrive.

I first checked Michaels. No luck. They had some on order but they hadn't arrived yet (still haven't almost 3 weeks later!) We drove a few miles away to Hobby Lobby where I found the section of the isle where they should have been, but the planners were sold out. I asked an employee when they expected more and she responded, "trucks arrive on Thursday." I literally almost cried on the spot. Crazy pregnancy hormones.

So, I waddled home, empty handed. I was venting to my Mom via text message about my first world struggle and later that night I got a text from her saying she was at the Michales in her town and had lots of planenrs to choose from. I about fell over. She picked one up,  using a 40% off coupon to get it for $15, and it arrived at my house last weekend. Ahhh. Success! IMG_9979

So, the first thing about these planners is that they are all different inside based on what cover you get. They are 7.75" by 9.75" and they aren't spiral bound like most planners, but use a disc system that allows you to pull out and add pages. This is a pro and a con. I've already slightly ripped the September pages I've been working on. I read that the quality of this planner is less than that of the $50+ kinds, but I'm alright with sacrificing a bit of quality to save a lot of money!

One of the first things I bought to add to the planner was a set of pocket folders (retail $7.99.) IMG_9982

At the beginning of every month there is this sheet to write down all your important dates and goals for the month. IMG_9983

I love all of the little details of this planner. Cute quotes on the bottom of many of the pages, lots of color, and the discs have little hearts in the middle! IMG_9991

For my first week I went with a pink and gold theme, because that's really all I had to work with! I haven't bought stickers or paper crafting supplies in ages, so I'm just going to have to buy a ton to get my reserves replenished.

I love that the weeks start on a Monday. The days are originally divided into 'morning, day, night' but I cover that with tape and use the top category for blogging, the middle will be for non-blogging work, and the final section is for personal/family stuff.

IMG_9993Hobby Lobby had most of their stickers on sale this week so I had to stock up on some for the coming weeks. I also snagged some pretty gold washi tape from Michaels with a 40% off coupon.

Sticker haul from Michaels and Hobby LobbyIf you can't find the planners in person they are available on Amazon. If you really want to just throw your money at something check out 'planner stickers' on Etsy. I've spent most nights this week falling asleep while browsing the different shops on my phone. This kid needs to get here before I go broke!

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I may have snagged one (or two) extra planners after they were restocked locally to giveaway. Soooo ... let me pick up some more goodies to throw in with them and be on the lookout for a giveaway soon!

What is your favorite planner?

What is a feature you are always looking for but can't find in one?