How I'm Staying Motivated to Workout Postpartum


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Polar.

Finding the motivation, and energy, to workout after getting up every two hours the night before to feed a hungry baby is difficult. So is fighting the urge to have peanut butter and chocolate for breakfast. I'm proud of myself for forgoing the chocolate this morning and just spooning PB from the jar while babe looked at me funny. Already judging me.

Even though I know I feel so much better after I exercise it can be very hard to convince myself to change out of pj's (at 1 o'clock in the afternoon), and go outside for a walk to do a quick workout DVD at home while Mom watches the baby over her lunch break.

While I was pregnant I started looking online for fitness trackers. I'm a data driven geek and I figured getting a new fitness toy would help motivate me to workout after the baby was born. When I was given the opportunity to review the new Polar M400 the timing couldn't have been more perfect. IMG_0693For the last few years I've used two different fitness watches. A basic polar for all of my indoor workouts to track my heart rate and calories burned, and a running watch for my runs/walks/hikes. It's so nice having just one watch that does everything for me now! IMG_0695

For the first few weeks postpartum I didn't do anything but walk. Last week I started taking my son out with me. Despite his old man grumpy face in this photo he really likes the walks!

I love that starting over with a new watch means everything I do is a personal best. It is pretty satisfying to see this little trophy pop up whenever I've gone a new distance, or burned more calories than before. Polar1

Some features of the M400:

  • Integrated GPS tracks speed, distance, and your route
  • Activity motoring tracks your daily activity AND sleep!
  • Get alerts of incoming calls, texts, and emails right on the watch
  • Training benefit features provides feedback on the effect of each training session
  • View daily activity time, calories, and steps/distance
  • Be notified when you are inactive for too long

So .... this watch seriously does everything. I love the Polar Flow app that I downloaded to use with the watch. He's a look at what I've done for workouts this week. Almost three hours of exercise since Monday! The majority of that time has been spent walking, but it all counts.

Polar app2

The watch and app have a daily completion goal. I haven't been too diligent about working to reach it yet since I'm still trying to take things somewhat easy as I get nursing established. I've still done pretty good with just the time I spend walking outside, and pacing around the house trying to get little man to go to sleep!Polar app1

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Have you used a fitness tracker before? Does it help keep you motivated? 

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Polar.