How to Architect your own Happiness

I've been doing a lot of contemplation this week. I blame most of it on being sick and virtually confined to my house for 2 days.

Also, because of a question a friend asked me this past weekend - "What is your 5 year plan?"

After hours of deliberation I realize any potential answer I had all went back to the same end goal - to be Happy.


It's an admirable goal to be sure, but it's so abstract it can be difficult to create a plan on how to achieve it. So, I went back to an old technique I picked up in graduate school and have my students do when they are trying to brainstorm ideas - I created a concept map.

Here is mine - there are no strict rules to this exercise, it's merely a way to get your imagination flowing and try to develop concrete attainable goals for whatever your primary focus is.


As I stated in the video, if you truly have no idea what your goals are for the next year (or 5) ask yourself; What do I most regret not doing last year? Whatever pops into your head first should be a good starting point! Also, don't be afraid to dream big. I overestimated how much I need to make annually to live comfortably and travel often by about 20% because I'd rather aim high than low.

While your working on your map you should tap into the idea of free association. Don't over-think things and censor your thoughts for being 'silly' or 'unattainable'. If your goal is to eat a romantic dinner in Paris with Johnny Depp (or John Stamos in my case) - put it on the list! Then start working on 'branches' of that goal that may help get you there.

2012-12-19 15.49.35

Remember - it's all fine and dandy to have goals, but they require WORK. Good old-fashioned time, energy and commitment.

But, isn't achieving a goal you've been working on for a while the best damn feeling?


So, what are your goals for the next year? Do you know what you need to do to achieve them? 

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