How to do a Plank

It occurred to me that some of you may have no idea what I am referring to when I talk about 'doing planks' or reaching a new PR plank time. Here are the basics of how to do a plank (featuring another new top from Old Navy and a few cameo appearances by Salem!) Plank

As I describe in the video, planks are an incredible total body workout. It absolutely shreds your core but is equally brutal on your upper body and lower body. I love it because it requires zero equipment and can be done anywhere!

Here's one of my best tips to stay in plank longer - distract yourself. I'll usually put on music and scroll through facebook and twitter to do something other than count down every torturous second.


There are endless plank variations but my favorite is the side plank. It's great for working the obliques (outer abs) which helps shrink your waistline!


How many of you all do planks regularly? What's your PR?

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