How Your Fridge Can Help You Lose Weight


After losing 50 pounds, and keeping it off for 5+ years now, I've finally learned what works to keep the weight off. I was just reading an article yesterday that says 80% of women who lose weight will eventually gain it back. I spent the first year or two post weight-loss worried I'd 'fall off the healthy bandwagon' and find myself with a BMI over 30 again. Thankfully, that hasn't happened! The keys to keeping it off, for me, are actually quite simple. Fridge for Weight Loss This is what our fridge looks like on a regular basis. Yes, it's a bit more clean and organized but overall this is what we keep stocked in it. IMG_8914

My keys to successful weight loss:

  • Don't bring junk food in the house. It sounds so obvious but really, if it's not around you can't eat it. My downfall was always snacking and portion control. I could eat pretty healthy main meals, but if there were chips or cookies in the house I'd sit down and mindlessly eat them in front of the TV and not even realize I'd eaten half the package until it was too late.
  • Keep healthy snacks front and center in your fridge and pantry. I'm pretty sure most people snack throughout the day. Especially now that I'm pregnant I'm eating about every 2 hours, but even pre-pregnancy I ate 5-6x a day. When I open my fridge the first things that catch my eye are greek yogurts, zero calorie sodas or sparkling waters, protein shakes, juices, and cheese & fruit. All delicious, ready to go, and super healthy!
  • Don't be afraid of leftovers, or frozen meals. I used to cook almost all of my meals on Sundays for the week ahead, but now that I work from home I just cook 2-3 meals a week and eat leftovers for a day or so. I also feel like frozen dinners have received a bad rep lately. I certainly wouldn't eat one every night, but once or twice a week I'll have one when I'm feeling super lazy. Amy's makes some great gluten free and organic options! I've been going through a box of her cheese taquitos a week lately.

When I shared the photo below on my instagram I received so many comments on it from people who said they wished their fridges looked similar. If you are struggling with getting on track loosing weight why not consider a fridge makeover? Purge all the junk food and expired food, clean it out, and stock it up with your favorite healthy snacks.

Travis has a drawer full of meat on the upper right, and we both love almond milk so we go through about 2-3 cartons a week. I'm pretty obsessed with strawberry cheesecake greek yogurt and berry La Croix right now.

IMG_8917While I do try to make as many meals from scratch as I can, sometimes it feels great to be able to just pull something from the freezer to have ready in 5 minutes! I have a mason jar with the last bit of Ashley's miso split pea soup. We have a few bags of frozen broccoli. Travis likes to steam them in the microwave and add them to his chicken and rice meals. The tupperware up top has some homemade vegetable rolls in it, and the tupperware on the bottom has frozen banana chunks I use in my smoothies every morning. The brown bags on the right are Travis's pork or chicken.


As much as I love the taste of fresh produce, I'm so bad about letting stuff go bad before using it! So, I love stocking up on frozen fruit and vegetables. It's often much cheaper (especially when you can find it on sale) and it tastes almost the same. Those are Travis's hashbrowns on the right (although I've gone through a few bags of Arby's seasoned fries since becoming pregnant!)IMG_8923I feel like we have an excessive amount of condiments. Travis uses a lot to cook with, and about 1/4 of those are BBQ/Hot sauces for him. I've got some coconut oil in there that melted after being shipped from Amazon, and some delicious organic strawberry jelly I love to put on toast!

IMG_8924I always love when others show off what's in their fridge so I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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What is your fridge full of right now?

Do you think a clean and newly stocked fridge would help you eat healthier?