I had a drink at a bar made of ice at Chena Hot Springs

This weekend started off with a trip to Chena Hot Springs which is about an hour north of Fairbanks. The day prior I spent some time looking up this to do in the area and made a giant Alaskan bucket list. Top on my list was a trip to see the Ice Museum! We left just before 11 and got to see the sun coming up. At 11.

Alaska sunrise

We arrived just in time to get tickets for the 1 p.m. tour. I paid the extra $15 to get a drink ticket to have an appletini at the bar. Well worth it!

The museum is illuminated with LED lights so the pictures don't do the museum justice. Everything in the museum is made of ice by two world renowned artists. They have to come in daily to maintain their work. This piece of two jousting knights is over ten years old! The museum is kept at 25 degrees year round. Compared to the negative temperatures we had outside that day it was nice to spend an hour somewhere "warm."

Ice Museum 5

There were four small bedrooms in the back of the museum. I read online that at one point they hoped to open an ice hotel. Ice Museum 1

One of my favorite pieces was this xylophone, inside an igloo. The sound it produced was incredible. Ice Museum 4

The majority of the museum is made up of this bar and lounge area (complete with an LED fireplace in the back!)Ice Museum

The only drink they make there is an appletini. I asked our tour guide/bartender why and he said it was because of the color of the beverage. Since the glasses are made of ice they can't reuse them so you can let them recycle it for you, or take it with you. A lot of people will take it outside to smash it. Mine is currently sitting in our freezer. No idea what I'll do with it, but it was too cool to just throw away. Ice Museum 6

Ice Museum 7

We both had a great time and will be bringing family back whenever they visit. I can't wait until little man is older so I can see his reaction to everything!

The sun started setting on our way home around 3. We saw a few moose on the side of the roads. If you look verrrry closely you can see one very far ahead on the right. Moose

One item from the bucket list has been checked off!

Would you hang out at a bar made of ice? What's on your travel bucket list?