I think I broke my foot

Ever since the marathon I haven't been able to move my right big toe. I can point it up, but I can't curl it down without a tendon/bone/something feeling like it's popping on the top of my foot. I'm back to icing (both feet now) 2x a day and am going to cut back on my mileage and see if it can heal up on it's own. I figure if I did go in to see a doctor they'd want X-rays and most likely tell me just to quit running for a few weeks. I'll save the hundreds of dollars and just try the easy solution first and give it a rest! I've had 3 big writing assignments looming over me this weekend and atypical procrastination urges kicked in big time on Saturday. I woke up early, worked out at home, then spent the rest of the morning reorganizing my house.  I swear my house is never cleaner then when I have a deadline coming up.

Salem even helped. 2013-11-16 10.54.50

As I was organizing things I came across this coloring book for grown-ups. I forgot how magical it was.

2013-11-16 10.59.24That afternoon I picked up groceries for the week. This weeks menu:

Breakfast: Egg white oats

Snack 1: Zone Simple Chocolate Oatmeal bar

Lunch: Spinach Lentil Soup (seriously amazing, low calorie and high protein)

Snack 2: Cottage cheese with Pineapple

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with roasted tomatoes and garlic with steamed broccoli on the side

Snack 3: Apple drowning in cinnamon

I'm trying to cut back on the carbs since I'm not training anymore and go back to eating veggies in massive quantities like I used to. I've already lost a few of my marathon pounds without cutting back to much on calories, just eating more veggies/protein less carbs. I'm also completely obsessed with steaming broccoli and adding lemon,  juice, garlic salt, and nutritional yeast to it. Then I heat up one of those veggie dogs, slice it up, and throw it in. It sounds totally ludacris but I started craving it the day after the marathon (the salt maybe?) and have had a bowl of it almost every day since. I may or may not add a bit of mayo on top of it all.

2013-11-16 15.17.05This guy. Just being awesome. 2013-11-16 16.13.24I blew threw most of the stuff in this months Bestowed box already. Those GF crackers were incredible! The Quest bar wasn't my favorite flavor (chocolate peanut butter.) I'm so glad they included Zico because ... I've never had coconut water before. I know, I know, I fail at being a 'healthy living blogger.' This one was chocolate flavor so of course I loved it. If your interested in trying Bestowed they gave me a discount code to pass along - HELLOTEN105 will get you your first box for $10 (code good until 11/30.) IMG_7226Sunday I woke up determined to take care of my bidnass. I started the day with a 6 mile run. My foot didn't really hurt, but it certainly felt a little worse after an hour of running. It felt incredible to run not worrying about pace or distance. As good as it felt I'm still going through Running Wild long run withdrawals already. I came home and demolished my favorite breakfast - Egg White Oatmeal. I'll finally be sharing how I make it tomorrow!2013-11-17 08.22.07After a quick shower I went to Panera to post up for a few hours and knock out some work. Unfortunately my battery only gave me about 2 hours there but it was a nice change of scenery. I was tres disappointed when I saw they took the incredible squash soup off the menu already! They replaced it with some new seasonal variety that isn't vegetarian. Sad faces.2013-11-17 11.10.32So, I only got about 4 hours of work done out of the 20ish that I needed to do. I'll still get everything done on time and it was nice to have a leisurely weekend. With training the last 4 months I kind of forgot what it felt like to have free time. I wish I could have used mine a bit more productively but I've got a clean house, delicious food made for the week, and had fun meeting up with a new friend!

When you have deadlines/work due do you procrastinate? If so, how?