I'm Celebrating Christmas All Week This Year


Since Travis and I are headed to Ohio to see his family over Christmas we've been celebrating it all week, starting on Monday when we opened each other's presents at our house. 2014-12-22 14.13.44

Travis got me this gorgeous necklace. It's a cross which is a symbol for unconditional love. Awwww. I got him two tops from Newton Running which was the only thing he really asked me for so that was easy enough. I also made him a date night box that's full of cards with surprise dates inside. I'll do another post soon showing off some of the handmade cards and dates once he's opened them!

2014-12-23 20.30.42We drove down to Florida to meet my family for breakfast at IHOP on Tuesday, and rip open our presents after. I love being home for the holiday! Mom decorated the house beautifully. 2014-12-23 08.19.07

2014-12-23 08.19.23

2014-12-23 08.19.54My parents bought me a gorgeous black Eddie Bauer jacket since Mom knew I didn't have a lot of cold weather stuff for Ohio. Travis and I got a stunning Oenida serving sets in a pattern similar to the ones my parents have that I've always loved. We also got gift certificates to massages, a vintage picnic basket (Mom heard how Travis looked all over town for one for one of our first dates), and some board games (Cat-opoloy, and a vintage Runners World Marathon board game!)

Christmas1After the presents we headed over to the Armament museum near Eglin Air Force Base to look around, and hit up the Starbucks at the Exchange (military mall) on base before hitting the road to get home.

2014-12-23 11.14.40When we got home Travis set up the cats present from my parents - 72 freaking inches tall!

2014-12-23 18.23.14 When we get back from Ohio we will have Travis's other cat with us so it's going to be a very full house. I'm glad they'll have lots of areas to play around in together and hopefully not drive us too crazy with fighting. Rudy and Salem are getting along pretty well now, but I'm nervous about leaving them alone for a few days (even though we will have a cat-sitter staying at the house with them!) Salem is a very high-anxiety cat (much like his Mother) and I can see him getting so worked up about being alone that he starts to take it out on Rudy (not that Rudy would put up with that.) I'm sure they'll be fine. I just hate leaving them!

I hope you are all having a very Merry Christmas!

Do you leave your cats alone when you travel? 

What was the best present you received this year?