I'm pregnant.

And so damn happy to  be finally talking about it! My simple facebook announcement:

AnnouncementAs of yesterday I am 18 weeks pregnant.

We went to the anatomy scan yesterday and everything is looking great! Baby was moving the whole time, waving at us and turning around to face us. So surreal still.

WavingIt's been hard to not share such a huge life event on here. I'm shocked the photos I took for the Puma review last week turned out as well as they did! I managed to get a few shots that didn't give away the secret yet ... IMG_8458While quite a few more were glaringly obvious!

IMG_8464I am due on September 7th (Labor Day ... the irony.) We are schedule to move that same time and still have no idea where we are going. It will be a busy Fall!

I wanted to wait until the anatomy scan to share the news because, unfortunately, this is not our first pregnancy. Remember me talking about going through a very stressful time this past Fall? Well, that's what was going on. I'll go into all the details tomorrow. I'll also be sharing the gender this week, and a review of how the first 4.5 months have gone next week. After that I plan on only doing monthly pregnancy updates, but I'm sure I will talk about the pregnancy in passing more frequently than that!

Every day that passes I know how lucky I am to get pregnant at all, and still be pregnant.

I'm so stinking happy.