Irish Wakes, Tempo Runs & Mother-Cat Bonding

I have so much to be happy for after having such a wonderful weekend! The weather here in Pensacola has been gorgeous. I went for my long run on Thursday last week so this Saturday I woke up early to tackle a 6 mile tempo run. 2014-05-17 06.08.03I did the first and last miles around a 10:20 pace, and miles 2-4 at 9:05. That's my ultimate goal pace for a half marathon so I need to start running at that speed more often.2014-05-17 07.19.15I spent some time bonding with Salem this weekend. We like to watch 90210 together and trash talk on what a floozy Kelly Taylor is.2014-05-16 17.42.47I spent most of Saturday with a friend - hanging out at the park, going out to eat at McGuires, and meeting up with others to do karaoke downtown. McGuires is a super famous restaurant here and he hadn't been so we had go each get an Irish Wake while waiting for our table. This drink is a boss. I can't remember what all is in it but it's pretty much a 'one and done' deal. You get to keep the glass after which is so cool! 2014-05-17 18.15.45Sunday morning I headed over to my friend Christina's place to drool over her puppy and lay out by the pool. Mr. Tobias is a majestic being. 2014-05-18 10.28.57I was sent some of these flavored almonds by Sally's Smart to try out last week and LOVE them. I've given a few bags away and everyone else who has tried them raves about them. Almonds are very high in calories so I try not to eat very many of them, but a small handful is enough to keep me feeling full between meals if I start to get hungry. Will be doing a full review on them soon!2014-05-18 10.32.56After the pool we went grocery shopping together. This week I'm making my cauliflower chickpea curry for lunch, and a faux chicken salad with a cup of steamed veggies & sesame ginger dressing. 2014-05-18 12.26.18Overall I've been doing a lot of this these past few days: 2014-05-18 13.49.45-1Kinda beaming. Kinda happy.

What was the happiest part of your weekend? What are you looking forward to this week?