It's a ...


BoyTravis and I wanted a boy, but every single friend and family member had guessed girl. When the tech told us at our appointment Monday I was in shock! Travis wanted a boy just because I think all guys do for their first. I wanted a boy because I thought it would be nice to have the eldest child be a son to look out for his siblings, and I've also been told by many parents who have had both genders that boys are easier. My Mom said my brother was easier. I said I would try to not take that statement too personally (to be fair I was a horrific teenager.)

I definitely want a little girl someday though! We are open to having 2 or 3 kids if we don't get a girl on the next try. If we get another boy next I think it would be amazing for our son to have a brother. I don't have a sister, and Travis doesn't have a brother, so I think that would be an incredible experience for our child to have.

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to raise a young man. To teach him to be kind and hard working. To become an awesome person that will make an incredible husband and father someday.

Why do I feel like the next 18 years of my life are about to fly by?

Moms of boys, any advice/tips?