It's okay to not burn 1000 calories a workout

This is one of those posts where I'm writing it just as much for myself as I am for others. A few weeks ago I completed one of my favorite killer strength routines - Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones:


For any of you who have done this workout before you know it's tough. It lasts about 50 minutes and is a total body strength routine. Before I started using my Polar Heart Rate Monitor in December I would have assumed I burned about 300-400 calories since it's non-stop for almost an hour.


2013-04-15 08.37.07

To put that in perspective - I've worn the HR monitor while laying on the couch watching tv one day for an hour just to see how many calories I burned and it was about 60. Honestly, I debated even sharing the above photo on twitter as I was kind of embarrassed at how few calories I burned. I thought about all the other uber fit girls I love to follow on Twitter and Instagram who always show off their ridiculous workouts and thought my numbers were laughable. I mean, the more you burn the better the workout, right?

Wrong, again!

Here are three reasons why I make sure to have at least 2 strength training days a week:

- For every 3 pounds of muscle you build you burn an extra 120 calories a day. Plus, strength training will help decrease overall body fat so while the scale may not budge a lot you will still get smaller as you tone up and exchange muscle for fat.

- As much as I love running it's never going to get me the definition in my upper body that I want:

2013-01-30 08.33.48

- Strength training helps me build muscles that will allow me to run further, faster and with less injury.


Lately I've been loving strength based workouts that incorporate some high intensity intervals to get my HR up and blast calories. Here is a killer zero-equipment strength & cardio workout from FitSugar. Get some!

No Excuses

What is your favorite type of strength training?