Jillian Michaels 'Banish Fat Boost Metabolism' DVD Review

I am honestly shocked that I have not done a review yet for this for it is absolutely one of my favorite fitness DVD's. I've been using Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism for almost 4 years now and it is still a challenging workout for me! The workout is serious cardio - my heart rate gets up to about 150 before the warm up is even over and stays there almost the entire 50 minutes. There are 7 separate circuits, each contain 5 moves that you repeat twice, and each circuit lasts for about 5 minutes. The beauty of that set-up is no matter how bad it gets, you can tell yourself that you only need to make it through 5 minutes before it's on to something else!

Each move lasts 30 seconds and the quick pace of the workout makes it fly by. Most of the circuit are done standing and you'll see a lot of squat based moves, kicking, punches and standing ab work. For one circuit she does have you lay down on a mat to really focus on the abs and have you do some work in plank so your upper arms get to join the party.

If I'm ever in the mood to be really brutal to myself I'll put on some ankle weights and do the routine. That's only happened a few times though and it doesn't matter how good of shape I may be in now - my thighs always hurt from this the next day (in the best way possible!)

One of the biggest perks of this DVD is it requires zero equipment so this is the one I'll bring with me anytime I'm out of town. I actually brought it to a hotel once and forgot my computer so I couldn't play it and managed to write down the routine and do it from memory! My other love for this is the ridiculous ab workout you get without even realizing it. I think one move is done while laying on your back and a few she points out while standing are focusing on the abs but every single move really engages your core and helps get sick ab definition.

If you have any questions at all about the workout please let me know - I love, love, love this DVD and would recommend it 100% to anyone looking for a great way to do cardio at home without expensive equipment!

I usually burn about 300 calories in an hour when I do this workout!

Any recommendations for other great home cardio DVD's?