Jillian Michaels Killer Ab DVD Review

Any of you who follow me on twitter saw the picture I posted the day Killer Abs came out. I rushed over to Best Buy to purchase it like some exercise obsessed child on Christmas.

Obviously I was pretty excited to get her latest release. As you can tell by all my other reviews I really, really like her.

Unfortunately, this workout was a bit disappointing.

KIller Abs

I've been using her Six Week Six Pack for almost a year now and it's still one of my favorite ab workouts. This DVD has 3 levels and they are split up into 4 circuits each (her prior DVD has 2 levels with 2 circuits each). Initially, I thought I'd like that change as it would allow her to include more exercises and get a better overall workout.




I started off with level 2 and I felt lost half the time. Her description of how to do some of the moves is terrible and by the time I caught on to how to do them we were moving on to the next one. I'm an at home workout Queen, I can pick up on trainers cues pretty damn quick and if I'm feeling lost and uncoordinated I know I'm not the only one. I checked out what other people are saying on Amazon and I'm not alone. People either rate it 1 star or 5. I've now completed all 3 levels and I have to say level 1 was my favorite! I felt it the most in my abs but it still pales in comparison to her first DVD.

At least now I can justify buying a new DVD to try from Amazon soon!

What's the last workout DVD you were disappointed by?