July Fitness Check-In

Matt and I always make the most glorious plans for the weekend: camping, swimming, hiking, all day movie-cuddle-marathons....the stuff life is worth living for. Unfortunately, a lot of our favorite activities are dependent upon good weather so I was tres bummed when I woke up Sunday to rain and cloudy skies.

After a few minutes of moping around I woke Matt up at 6 a.m. and we decided to go for a run in the rain. We are working really hard to train for our first 5k (tentative plans to do the Warrior Dash in Louisiana in October). Our goal for the month of July was to completed a 5k in 38 minutes. Sunday we completed 4.5 miles in 55 minutes putting us at a 12:14 minute mile pace. That would put us at our goal of 38 minutes already! We have worked up to running for about a minute then resting for 30 seconds on and off until we've completed the distance  (typically 3-4 miles). We run 2-3 times a week and have been working on this for about 2 months now. As a former smoker of ten years running is really, really difficult for me! I was beyond thrilled when I decided after we hit the 2 mile marker yesterday to run through our 'rest' time and I ran for 2.5 minutes straight. It may sound like no  big deal to most runners but it was a huge deal to me. Even though we've been running for about 8 weeks now our run conversations typically include the following phrases:

- I just threw up in my mouth

- I'm about to pass out

- Will I need to fireman carry you home? (From Matt ... I'm not quite strong enough to carry him, yet)

After the run in the rain we felt like total badasses so we decided to head to the beach despite the dark and dreary weather. We can conquer 4.5 miles, we can conquer bad weather! Once we hit the Pensacola Beach bridge we saw the Sunshine we were hoping for!

We lasted about 20 minutes in the beach before we got rained out. Discouraged, but not giving in, we got in the car and drove down the beach until we found a sunny spot. We are persistent. Well, that and we just needed to kill time before we could go to our favorite brunch spot, The Grand Marlin.

That was me pouting that we couldn't stay on the beach longer. Also in left of photo is Matt's finger. Good job, Matt!

We both ordered our usual - I had their portobello basil frittata and Matt got eggs Benedict. My tummy ended up hurting a bit so I could only eat about half of it. Matt was quite happy with finishing it for me though.

After the beach we hung around the house before heading out to Academy Sports to drool over camping equipment. We found these amazing shotgun lighters.

I asked Matt why he looked so sad in the photo and he said "because I'm about to kill something" (and that sounds a lot creepier than it actually was).

We headed to Mellow Mushroom for themed "Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader" trivia. We were not. We did have a great team name - Jeff Foxworthys Mustache. We also shared their Hippy Dippy Trio which featured bruschetta, olive tapanade, and hummus. Literally my mouth is drooling right now just thinking about it.

I'm off to work in developing some new plans for the website and research some fitness classes to try out. I feel like I'm getting a bit bored of my usual workout routine and would to try some new classes. If anyone has any recommendations for classes/studios in the Pensacola area I would appreciate it!