Keurig: Feed my addiction

When Staples offered to send me a Keurig to review I don't know if a single second had passes before I responded back "Uh.... YES!" The ex got custody of my last coffee machine after the break-up so I've been coffeless for months now. Oh, the agony! Thankfully Staples came to the rescue and a day after I agreed to do a review I came home from work to find the caffeine-Stork left my beautiful new baby on the doorstep for me. Take a look at the latest member of my family - the Keurig Office ProKeurig Before the Keurig arrived I wanted to check out reviews of the specific machine I was getting. By default I went to Amazon and was shocked to see it's actually cheaper at Staples! So, not only can you save a few bucks but you can walk in to your local store and get it immediately. Let's face it - sometimes you just can't wait more than the time it takes to drive to the store and back to start enjoying your new toy!


Now, I was a bit apprehensive taking it out of the box. Even though I've had coffee machines before I rarely used them because I could never quite get the right ratio of water to coffee and mine always tasted terrible. With Keurig you don't ever have to worry about that! The machine was so simple to set up and 5 minutes later I was ready to brew my first cup. Since it was already late in the day I refrained from making a cup then and woke up excited to play with my new toy. Start - Brew - 20 seconds and I had my first cup of Keurig brewed coffee!


First, I tried the Green Mountain medium roast and added a few drops of stevia. I was in love. Since then I've tried the Newmans Own & Caribou and they were equally amazing. I'm saving the Donut Shop one for a 'special' occasion as it is apparently life-changing good. My favorite part of the Keurig is the fact I can pick a random flavor reach morning with the variety pack and not have 10+ full bags of coffee in my pantry!

I'm almost concerned with how easy it is to make that I'll turn into a ridiculous coffee fiend. There's worse things to be addicted to, right? #Rationalizing My brother will  be staying at my place to cat sit when I'm in Kentucky next month and he's already threatened to steal it. I'm going to have to teach Salem some martial arts moves so he can defent my property.


{Edited} I realize many of my readers are concerned about the waste they produce. I actually looked into this before hand since I do recycle as much as possible and Keurig states on their website they are actively searching for a way to make their k-cups more green. For now, I indulge in my delicious cup (or 3) a week and keep recycling everything else I can! Per a friends recommendation on facebook this morning try checking out the EkoBrew Cup to reduce waste. I'll be picking one up with my next Amazon order!

EkoBrew provided me with these products for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of Keurig machines and Coffee Makers online.

What's your favorite k-cup that I should try?