Labor Day Weekend in Photos

Friday afternoon I left work early to get my hair cut. I told the stylist to take off as much length as she needed to and just do whatever else she wanted with the layers. I love it! A few inches gone and much more volume/style. If your in the Pensacola area her name is Heather Livingston and she works at Chastains. She's also training for her first marathon so we are kindred spirits!2013-08-30 15.35.36-2Saturday morning I set a distance PR - 15 miles! The group hit a bit of a snag when we missed our second water stop so we panicked for a bit not knowing when/where we'd be able to replenish our quickly dwindling H20. I can't even lie - I had to break down and walk for about 30 seconds at mile 14.5. We were going up our last big hill and my calves felt like they were going to spasm and my legs would fall off. Once I walked up to the top of the hill I resumed running and saw my weekday run partner running back to me from the group so I wouldn't finish alone. #iLoveTrainingPartners I made PB & Jelly oats after I got home. I finally opened the Lavender jelly I got at the Portland Farmers Market. Pretty much the greatest bowl of oatmeal ever.2013-08-31 09.33.15In addition to my calf muscles aching the real reason I was about to curl up in a fetal position mid-run was because of extreme chafing. Like, extreme. I used body glide before the run but evidently not enough as the inside of my thighs were actually bleeding by the time we finished. I'm going back to running in capris tyvm.2013-08-31 14.57.45I ran to Target after showering and picked up some diaper rash cream to try and sooth my poor skin. I grabbed some rapid relief Desitin and put some on in the car before I walked into Publix to do my grocery shopping. Well, that shit burned worse than the original chafing itself. Not to mention it was super white and I couldn't rub it in because my legs were so sensitive. So, I remembered I had some Charmin to-go wipes in a backpack in my trunk, waddled out of the car to get them, dowsed them with water once I was back in my car and used them to wipe most of the cream off. There was still a bit of a white residue, and I think I soaked my pants so it looked like I pissed myself, but I still went grocery shopping. Girls gotta eat.

Sunday I headed over to Fort Walton to do some shopping with the parentals. I decided to wear my new 110 Compression Socks on the ride out to ice my legs for a bit. I was surprisingly only mildly sore after the run but thought it would be nice to ice and rest them while driving. I'll be doing a full review soon (and I also brought sandals to wear so I didn't actually go out in public like this!)2013-09-01 08.37.08-2My parents house is turning into an antiques store now that Mom's going through boxes of old stuff her parents and other relatives have sent her way. I played dress up for a bit and fell in love with this set my grandmother wore to her Prom in the 50's!2013-09-01 10.36.05Mom and I went to Kohls and I found the perfect shoes to go with the black dress I bought a few weeks ago. I'll share a pic when I wear them this week! I also had to hit up Bath and Body works to stock up on their candles since they were on sale. Mom's got a Phd in Pumpkin Spice candles (she's tried literally every brand) and her choices is always these. I've been burning the Pumpkin Cupcake all weekend and pretending like it's Fall out even though it's 90 degrees here. 2013-09-01 16.11.34-2Yesterday I was able to enjoy a nice run downtown and since I didn't have to rush in to the office I did some ab work at home after. I'm going to make an effort to do core/upper body strength at least 2x a week. I miss my guns! It's just been so hard with all the running. I ran for 25 hours last month and hit 137 miles! Overall I'm shocked at how well my body's acclimated to running so much but I'm definitely hitting the point where it feels like I'm running in shoes made out of lead. Supposedly that's normal when training. Not that it makes me feel any better.

Since I was tired I knew I needed to make the run fun or I wouldn't do it. I headed downtown and stopped a few times to take photos. Despite the crazy heat I enjoyed it. 2013-09-02 06.41.56-1I need a friend with a boat. And a pool. 2013-09-02 06.54.58I snapped one of the greatest photos ever of Salem after the run. Having an extra day this weekend has allowed me time to actually stop, and do nothing. I've been reading and just started watching Arrested Development on Hulu. I binge-watched 10 episodes in 2 days.

2013-09-02 10.38.23What was the highlight of your weekend? 

What was the last show you binge-watched?