Lemon Water: Miracle in a Glass

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{1} Love Candy screen print

{2} Lemon Love goats milk soap

{3} Vintage Ceramic Pig Planter

{4} Vintage Glass Lemon Earrings

{5} Limoncello Print

Last week Matt and I were eating dinner at Panera and I decided to throw a couple of slices of lemon into my water for a change. I've been reading a lot on how wonderful starting your day off with lemon water is (especially in the Ayurvedic tradition) and decided to try incorporating it into my daily routine. In addition to its numerous health benefits it is wonderfully refreshing and given the heat index is supposed to be 107 today that's a huge bonus.

Just a few of the health benefits of Lemon Water include:

- Balances pH levels in the body.

- Helps in weight loss (there is fiber in lemons which help you feel full!)

- High levels of Vitamin C which boosts your immune system and helps skin tone

Given how ridiculously easy it is to cut up a lemon and keep a few slices in the fridge I expect all of you to at least try this for a few days and see how you feel. I've noticed an immediate perk after drinking it and expect to see more effects from it as I make this habit long-term. Matt has also suggested we grab some fresh limes next time we're out to add to the lemon water. If anyone else has creative ways to spruce up lemon water, please share!


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