Life in Alaska: Thoughts on my first week

Fairbanks isn't quite what I imagined living in Alaska would be like. As I've gotten out every day since I've been here I'm starting to get a feel for the town. Basically, it's your average small town. There are a few more outdoor shops then you'd usually see down in the lower 48, and no chain restaurants (although they do have chain fast food places!) There aren't any mountains nearby, although you can see them out in the distance.

People here don't seem to be as concerned with appearances and with good reason. It's too damn cold to try to do anything but keep warm and not give a care what you look like. There's also not a lot of shopping options. There is a very, very tiny mall here with like 10 stores, and none of them are places I've every shopped at regularly. There is an Old Navy here, but the only other clothing shopping I've seen has been done in the grocery stores. I find it refreshing. I've never been too materialistic and can easily wear the same few outfits until they wear out so I feel right at home in that regard.

I have been surprised by how many people here have pink, blue or purple hair.  We see at least 2-3 women with brightly colored hair every time we go out!

This weekend we received a few inches of snow, and are supposed to get another few inches today. The snow is so gorgeous! New Boots

We drove a few minutes out of town to explore and came across the pipe line. Apparently it's somewhat of a tourist attraction and there was a pull off point on the highway to get out and view it. I don't get it. It's just pipes. Pipe Line

With the temperatures entering the single digits we spent most of the day inside. Our poor cats have been so neglected since baby came along! Travis was cuddling with Salem when I needed him to hold the baby for a bit. I picked up Salem to move him away and he just walked down to Travis's leg and laid down on it like he was giving up on life. Salem

We are trying to get out at least once a day while we still can. I think it helps baby sleep better at night when he's exposed to sun, and once the temperatures get below zero I don't think we will be going out except for trips to the doctors and grocery store.

On Sunday we swung by Barnes and Noble and picked up another book for little man. I loved this book! New book

The weekend ended with a batch of these delicious apple strudel muffins. MuffinsTravis is going back to work this week (he's been off on paternity leave) so I'm hoping to get a lot of work done around the house. We are almost all unpacked and I'll share some photos of our place when we are done!

How was your weekend?