Life in Excess: Running, Eating & Netflixing

This weekend was one of the best I've had this year and I really only did 3 things: run, eat, and watch movies.

First, I had to go into the office for a bit Friday afternoon to get some pills ready. One of the classes I teach is a Research Methods course and part of the semester is spent conducting an actual study. Every year we usually do something looking at the effects of caffeine. We use some sort of 200 mg caffeine pill (like No Doz) and I have to make up the placebo pills. This year is the first time I used Gluten Free flour. So trendy. I always have fun making the pills up though.

2014-04-04 14.06.27 After work I headed to Fresh Market to look for something to have for dinner. While walking around I spotted these in the refrigerator section. As I said on my Twitter back in my day all cookie dough was edible! I think they wanted 7.99 a pop for these and they were basically cookie dough minus the egg. 2014-04-04 15.42.42

I was feeling something munchy so I ended up getting a bag of popchips and some of their amazing chocolate crunch mix. I've been feeling like watching a mafia movie lately so I popped in Casino. I *still* can't watch the end scene with Joe Pesci. I'm such a wuss.2014-04-04 16.34.59At least I had great company! 2014-04-04 17.33.13 Saturday morning was my longest training run for Marathon #2 - 21 miles. Since my training for this round has been dramatically less than my first one I've been growing more concerned that I'm not really ready. I treated this long run as though it was the actual marathon (although I don't plan on eating a bag of chips for dinner before the race!) I was up early, had my outfit and fuel ready to go, and planned a course similar to the hilly Nashville one I will be running in 3 weeks.

Overall I'm very happy with the run. I finished it and that was my only real goal! My average time ended up being 11:15. My pace for Marathon 1 was 10:50. Given the hills on this course I think I'm going to aim for an 11 minute pace. I'll likely start off at 10:30, and end up closer to 11:30-12 by the end, so I think 11 minutes is a good estimate. As you can see in my Garmin race details from this weekends run I did pretty good until the last few miles! All those deep drops you see on the top chart are when I had to stop and walk. #NoShame

Long RunI got home  and immediately went into recovery mode. My routine is to stretch for a few minutes, hop on the foam roller, and then go into an ice bath (shoving calories in my face somewhere in between all that.) Most runs over 16 miles I try to do an ice bath for about 10 minutes after. They suck, but I genuinely feel like they help shorten recovery time.

Even when you do this in them:2014-04-05 10.59.57Trust me - if you get out to use the restroom you are not getting back in there!

I had some oatmeal and greek yogurt, showered, and headed out in a hailstorm (check out the video on my instagram!) to get something for dinner.

2014-04-05 14.49.46Wandering around the grocery store after running 21 miles means you make some interesting food choices. I went with sushi, chocolate & PB and grabbed some seasoning and coke to have with popcorn. I was craving a soda like mad on my run so I had to have one. 2014-04-05 15.44.13I was in the mood for something funny that night so I randomly picked out Blazing Saddles. It was wildly inappropriate but I absolutely loved it. I went on to Robin Hood: Men in Tights after. Sunday morning I woke up feeling pretty stiff so I did some stretching and went for a 2 mile walk before going back into movie mode. Keeping with the theme of awesome 80's comedies I watched Clue, and am currently working my way through a Fish Called Wanda.

I left the house for a quick trip to get food for the week. I'm making Vegetarian Korma and Sweet Potato, Apple, Carrot, and Red Lentil soup. I grabbed some GF bread and swiss cheese to make grilled cheese to go with the soup. I think I may add a bit of honey and cardamom to the swiss before I toast it. 2014-04-06 11.40.34I realized last year when I started racking up the miles that my hunger peaks the day after a LR. Unsurprisingly my lunch yesterday was that entire bag of tortilla chips. I savored every delicious bite (and by savor I mean shoved huge fistfuls of them into my mouth and left crumbs all over my couch.)

How was your weekend? What is your favorite 80's comedy? I feel like I'm actually running out of ones to watch!