Long Run Success + Boating Trip

I did it.

After struggling the last few weeks with my long runs (and some of my shorter weekday runs) I conquered the one run I've been dreading for a month. As soon as I saw it on the training schedule I knew it would be a challenging run. 18 miles with 15 miles at marathon pace. The stars aligned perfectly because the weather cooperated, my stomach didn't act up (too much) and our entire group finished together!

2013-10-12 09.53.11I've been struggling with my right achilles for the last week and I was worried it would flare up while running up hills. I actually talked with our pacer before the run to let him know that I may have to stay back and walk a bit. He wasn't having any of that and had more confidence in me then I did! Thankfully, we didn't hit to many hills on this route and I made a conscious decision to engage different muscles when going uphill. Mike mentioned many people have issues with their hamstrings when running hills (and it's my massive calf muscles that keep locking up.) I thought about it while I was running and realized I tend to use my calf muscles too much to push myself up on the hills. This time I tried to focus more on using my hamstrings to pull my legs up the hill and, while my hamstrings are burning a bit today, it definitely felt better for my ankle.

What's the best way to celebrate a perfect run? A beach day! Last week a friend invited me to go out with him and a few others on his boat for the day. Look at this beauty!

2013-10-12 14.59.16

We left from the marina on Palafox (downtown Pensacola) and headed to Pensacola Beach.

2013-10-12 15.55.13-1

We docked at the boardwalk and walked around for a bit before stopping at Cactus Flower to have dinner. I'd been eating all day so I wasn't to hungry but I did get a side of black beans and rice (which was promptly demolished) and a mojito. I haven't had anything aside from wine in about a year so this was a definite treat for me! I didn't even finish it all though #Lightweight

2013-10-12 16.56.39After dinner we went back on the boat and took it over to another bar/restaurant called Paradise Cove. A lot of locals love it and I'm not quite sure I see the appeal. I guess it's because you can dock your boat there and the bar is right on the sand. We got some more food there, another round of shots, and before I knew it I was tearing up an order of fried green beans (with ranch dressing.)

2013-10-12 18.12.14

We headed back around 8 p.m. and I was quite pleased to be in bed with my cat & my heating pad by 9 p.m.

2013-10-12 18.29.37-1Sunday I did the usual weekend chores: grocery shopping, meal prepping, laundry & catching up on site/freelance work. Meal prep was just over an hour and I'll be feasting on tofu sauteed in coconut oil with brown rice, mango salsa and steamed veggies for lunch. Dinner is my always amazing Spinach Lentil Soup.

2013-10-13 11.37.50We got the schedule for the last month of marathon training. 154 miles to go before race day! I can't believe I've actually made it this far. Really, I wasn't 100% sure I could do it when I signed up for it this summer but I wanted to do something I didn't think I could. Hopefully, in less than a month, I'll cross the finish line and start working on my next big adventure!

Did you food prep this weekend? What's one thing your scared to do, but want to try?