Look for the Helpers

Photo credit AP Photo Charles Krupa

{Photo credit AP Photo Charles Krupa}

Posting about anything else today seemed so trivial. I've always found it interesting to see how the blogging community responds to a crisis. How do you even begin to articulate the sadness that you feel about something so senseless? I'm a pretty tough  chick and rarely cry and after the news first broke I sat down on my couch with an afternoon snack and the tears just started streaming.

This just hits so close to my heart. I don't identify with many stereotypes - but one label I am ridiculously proud of is 'runner' and many of my blogging friends, real life friends, and family members are. I started to imagine the total joy the marathon participants were experiencing as they had their sights on the finish line after months, or years, of training for that moment. Looking around in the crowd trying to see the faces of loved one's who've traveled to support you when all of a sudden...

I do my best to stay away from negative news as much as possible because it makes me fear the worst in people. Events happen  like this and suddenly I start thinking "where will it happen next?" There is no rhyme or reason and my heart feels like it's so heavy today.

Everything that comes to mind when I try to think of how to verbalize my feelings sounds so trite. If I've ever said it before in my life I've never meant it as much as I do now - people of Boston you are in my heart. I will do my best to spread love and joy wherever I go today and try to reignite the world with kindness and remember to always look for the helpers.

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