I Made $10,889.63 Last Year Thanks to This Blog

You know those questions you aren't supposed to ask people but really, really want to know? In the blogger world there are two big ones; how much do you make and what are your pageviews.

I've never understood the secrecy behind either. I've always talked about money freely, even telling my students how much money I make, because I don't think money defines a person. I make enough to support myself and pay my bills so I'm pretty damn happy with that. After talking with friends at Fitbloggin I realized I wasn't the only one extremely interested in seeing how I compared to others.

So, here are all the semi-juicy details behind my blog. I would say I'm not trying to boast, but that would be a lie. I'm very proud of how much I've been able to make off of this blog! As a teacher my pay SUCKS so without the income from this blog I wouldn't be able to afford to train for marathons, travel, or do most of the other things that I get up for in the morning.

I started this blog in May of 2012 and as you can see in the chart below my traffic has been steadily increasing over the last two years. One of the girls who I spoke with this week used to have similar traffic as I did last year, but her's has DOUBLED. So, that's one thing I'm going to try to improve in the next few months (starting with installing the Yaost SEO plug in!)Blog TrafficI didn't start making any money for the blog until about 6 months in. So, here are the monthly incomes for this site AND my freelancing work (which I attribute getting most of my freelance jobs thanks to this blog and my social media presence.) Starting in January 2013 and going through June 2014.

Jan         370

Feb        252.75

Mar        297.66

Apr         1460

May       525

Jun         1768

Jul           1095.5

Aug        850

Sept       1378.84

Oct         699.97

Nov        1410.81

Dec        781.1

Jan         1301.69

Feb        1096.08

Mar        450

Apr         320

May       451.71

Jun         25.73

Taking a look at the numbers you can see a few things: this income is VERY unpredictable. I'm glad I have a job I love (teaching psychology classes) that can pay the bills (cutting it close each month) because months like this past June can happen. I made a whopping $25! I have a lot of jobs I'm waiting on payment for but such is the life of a freelancer. My income is down a lot this year thanks to loosing two big multi-month jobs I had in 2013.

So, where does this money come from?

Income SourceI'd say about half of my income is from freelance writing jobs. So, technically that's not blog-related income, but I never freelanced before I started this blog, and a lot of brands/websites reach out to me because of finding my blog. The second biggest source of income is sponsored posts. I try to not do an annoying amount of them and I only promote products I genuinely like/enjoy. Finally, the smallest portion of my income comes from ads on the sites and affiliate sales (like my Amazon link!)

So, why the hell am I humble-brag telling you all this? Well, I know a lot of bloggers would love to make money off of their site and have no clue where that money actually comes from. If there's one thing I learned this weekend at Fitbloggin it's that there is no one formula for success. One girl I spoke with made almost 5x what I do off of ads on her site, yet only has about double my page views. Another girl is making a killing with affiliate sales. My social media statistics are pretty stellar (47k+ on twitter, almost 200k views on youtube, etc.) but I know people with 1/10th of the following who are making triple what I do.

In the end my goal is what most people probably want out of life; have a job I love to do and can support myself with. I never started this blog with the intention to make money from it (I wanted to use it as a tool to recruit personal training clients.) Once I realized the potential there I made a conscious decision to try to write better, put myself out there with freelance work (some unpaid to get experience and traffic to this site) and see what may happen.

Thanks to this blog I continually tell people that I have the best job/s in the world and am pretty in love with my life. I get to teach classes on fun psychology topics, work from home part-time with my fat cat and wearing workout clothes all day, and try to help inspire others to make healthy choices in their lives.

And I actually make money off of that.


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