I made $1,838 from this blog in October

Last week I asked on facebook if anyone would be interested in seeing a monthly blog income report. I am borderline obsessed with seeing what other bloggers make and apparently many of you feel the same way! Making Sense of Cents made over $14,000 last month and Pinch of Yum made nearly $19,000! Having bloggers be so open and honest with their income is so refreshing and such a motivator for me. There is NOTHING stopping me, or you, from making that same amount of money online! October Income Report$1,838 (1)

Breakdown of income sources:

  • Sponsored Posts: 1283
  • Ads on Website: 100
  • Amazon Associates: 25
  • Twitter Parties: 300
  • Freelance Writing: 130 (check out my post on how to make money freelance writing)
  • TOTAL: $1,838

October was the highest grossing month I've had thus far thanks to a few great sponsored posts I did over the summer. Most of the time you don't get paid for 30-90 days after you complete a project so this great month is really reflective of sponsored posts I was doing in July/August. My average monthly income from January to September was $911 (and in June I only made $25!)

Last year my average monthly income was $916 so I'm doing about the same, which I'd like to change and start doing much better!

Of the 100 things I'd like to do when I have more free time two top the list. When the semester ends in December and I am living in Alabama with Travis my main job will be writing. I'd like to do a total overhaul of this blog's layout and start looking for some more freelance work opportunities. As much as I LOVE writing this blog I always try to think long term and I just don't know if I'll be blogging in 10 or 20 years. However, I can always picture myself writing so that's something I want to keep as a priority.

Given that I still have to pay about 20% in taxes my average monthly income is really closer to $700, and I put in about 15 hours a week on the blog so that equates to making $11.70 an hour. No benefits (I have health insurance thanks to the husband now and a 401k via the schools I work at) but I can't remember the last time I had to actually buy workout clothes or running shoes!

I always tell people but I don't know if they believe it; I've got the best job in the world.

Do you make money online? What are your goals for your blog?