I made $19,332.97 from this blog last year


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I wish I had a photo of me laughing in the back of a limousine while throwing wads of 20's in the air because that's how I feel right now.

In 2013 I made $10.889.63. From the blog and freelance writing and social media management I've made $19,332.97ย this year. That's about a 70% increase and WAY better than I had hoped for (I honestly didn't 'hope' for anything.)

Blog income 2014

Here's a look at the monthly breakdown:

  • January: 1,701.69
  • February: 1,496.08
  • March: 850
  • April: 720
  • May: 851.71
  • June: 425.73
  • July: 1,411.23
  • August: 1,885.02
  • September: 1,997.08
  • October: 2,115.89
  • November: 1,210.66
  • December: 3,832.15
  • MONTHLY AVERAGE: 1,541.44
    • Note: these monthly amounts are $400 more than I previously reported because I was not including my social media management income in them.

Last year I paid about $1,700 in taxes (about 15%) so I'm looking at about $3,000 in taxes this year. Coincidentally that is almost exactly how much money I have saved in my Paypal account. Whenever I get paid for a job via paypal I just leave it in there all year long to pay for taxes. It works out well!

Here's a look at where that money came from:

  • Sponsored posts: 9,880
  • Social media management: 4,800
  • Freelance writing: 2,125
  • Brand Ambassador: 900
  • Youtube ads: 487.88
  • Ads on Site: 414.01
  • Amazon Associates: 313.67
  • Twitter Parties: 250
  • Beachbody: 162.41

Here's what my traffic looked like:

2014 traffic

As you can see my traffic did not increase much, at all, in 2014.

Here are my top traffic sources:

  • Google/organic: 110,418
  • Direct: 63,573
  • Twitter: 20,053
  • RSS: 12,320
  • Facebook: 8,017

The rest of my traffic comes from pinterest, other blogs, and other search engines.

My blog-related goals for 2015:

  • Make $30,000 from the blog, freelance writing & social media management (or about $25,500 after taxes or just over 2k a month. I want to keep putting 1k a month down on my student loans to pay them off by the end of next year!)
  • Increase average monthly page views from 37k a month to 60k a month
  • Hit 100k followers on Twitter and 10k followers on Instagram
  • Get 1,000 email subscribers (feel free to sign up yourself using the box at the top of my site!)
  • Finish book proposal by 3/1 (I know I keep pushing this self-imposed deadline back!)
  • Upload at least 1 new video a month
  • Updated my About Me and As Seen In pages and add more categories to the sidebar
  • Post more tutorial/DIY/Information posts (one's that will be bookmarked and shared, not just forgotten about.)

I took a look at my top posts for the year and they were not at all what I was expecting! I figured my wedding or engagement would be on the list. Nope, not even close!

Most popular post with 28,552 page views: Magical Egg White Oatmeal

Egg White OatmealSecond most popular post with 20,623 pageviews: Healthy peanut butter & oatmeal cookies and the miracle of PB2

PB2 cookiesThird most popular post with 10,252 page views is my about me page!

About meFourth most popular post with 7,925 pageviews is my tutorial on how to make zucchini pasta without a spiralizer

Zucchini pastaFinally, my 5th most popular post, with 7,418 pageviews is 'trigger point saved my marathon training - and my jaw'

Trigger pointAs you can see my popular posts are the tutorial/informative type ones, hence why I'd like to do at least one really well researched and photographed article on here a week.

I love blogging. I love writing. I love getting to know people all over the world. I often tell people I have the best job in the world and I 100% mean that.ย Any questions for me? Leave 'em in the comments!

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