I made $3,432.15 from this blog in December


December Income Wow.

My best month yet, by far.

I'm going to do a full year-end financial summary next week so I'll go into more month-by-month comparisons then (and compare how I did in 2014 to 2013.) This month is about 4x what I made last month and 2x as much as I made in October (check out Novembers financial summary and Octobers financial summary.)

November Income breakdown:

I had someone leave a comment on one of my sponsored posts this month that basically said I was doing too many and that it was making them want to read my blog less. I get that sponsored posts can be annoying. Before I started this blog I was an avid blog reader and I would usually skip over a post the moment I saw, "this post has been sponsored by ...." Then I became a blogger myself and always got super excited when a brand wanted to work with me! You mean you are going to send me a box of my favorite healthy snacks, or a new workout outfit, AND pay me to review it? #Faints.  I quickly saw that those posts received far less comments than usual, and so with ever sponsored post I make a conscious effort to make them as fun, informative, and engaging as possible.

Brands like me because I have a great audience. I will potentially lose/alienate some of that audience if I do too many sponsored posts, so there is a fine line. I've come across many blogs who do nothing but sponsored posts! I also know a few big bloggers who don't do any, or at most 1 every 2-3 months. When possible I do two posts a day when I have a sponsored post (like yesterday) so you still get a 'regular' post from me and then the sponsored post is just sort of a bonus. I also never posts on weekends so if I can put up a sponsored post then I will so it's just like an extra post for the week, instead of taking the spot of a regular post.

Ideally the majority of my income would come from freelance writing gigs, and sponsored posts would be lower on the list. When I was teaching full-time this Fall I didn't have a lot of free time to seek out freelance gigs, while the sponsored posts were falling in my lap (and yes, I do say 'no' to many of them!) Now that I'm no longer teaching in person I'm going to have more time to seek out freelance opportunities so that is one of my biggest goals for 2015.

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How do you feel about sponsored posts? Is there any way to make them better?