Marathon Training, a Wet 4th of July and Our Big Purchase!

The entire weekend has been wet. My poor husband had been looking to having a four day weekend and it's rained virtually nonstop since Saturday morning. Thankfully, it's supposed to clear up today and we are hoping to go on a hike after going out to eat breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants.

When I saw that the forecast called for rain all weekend I took advantage of my sons nap on Saturday to go for a long run. We finally have him napping in his crib! Well, his long nap at least. I'll do a post soon on how we sleep trained him and transitioned him into the crib.

I set out to do 10 miles in the light rain and had an incredible run! It was the first time since having my son that I felt like I really pushed my limits on a run. I ran up every hill I could find since the marathon I'm training for has about 3,000 feet in elevation gained. 10 mile run

When I got home I couldn't wait to upload my run to see how much elevation I gained. I thought I might have hit about 800-1000 feet. I was so disappointed when it said I only climbed 200 feet! There's no way! Travis thinks the Garmin is off since he knows the hills I ran pretty well and agreed they were much more than 200 feet total. So, I'm going to try out one of my other watches this weekend to see if I get a different reading.

My legs were trashed on Sunday. I loved it.

On Sunday we took out our new toy -- a kayak! Travis bought one last week and I wanted to try it out before we bought one for me as well. I've never been kayaking before but had a blast. I'll admit, there was one moment of panic as I started paddling out then realized I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I asked Travis what I should do if I couldn't get back to the shore. He didn't justify that with a response.


We found a life jacket for little man at REI so we took him out briefly as well. Travis had him sandwiched between his legs and they paddled out for a few minutes. We are only taking him out on lakes (much calmer water) and he loved it. I was worried he wouldn't sit still and try to stand up to play with the water but he was totally entranced and didn't move.

First kayak ride

Yesterday we headed over to Pioneer Park for their 4th of July celebration. The rain wasn't too bad, so we just put our rain jackets on and the rain cover on the stroller and walked around for about an hour.

4th of july

I come here often with the stroller bootcamp group to workout but this was the first time I'd been there when the carousel was working. I was so excited to take baby for his first ride! He was a little apprehensive in the beginning, but by the end he was squealing and had the biggest smile.

4th of July merry go round

I'm going to pull down my 4th of July decorations today.

4th of July decorations

Now that I have a kid my love of holiday decorations has gone into overdrive. What's the next holiday I can decorate for? Halloween?ย Generic Fall stuff? Just thinking of Fall makes me want to bake something.