Marathon for the Pensacola Humane Society

Ever since I decided to train for my first marathon (training starts next week!) I began thinking of ways I could run for charity. I've seen fellow blog friends ask for donations while training and couldn't pass up the opportunity to raise some cash for one of my favorite charities - the Pensacola Humane Society! Humane society


I have a pretty big goal (because really - go big or go home, right?) I'd like to raise $2620 by the time I run 26.2 on November 10th. I know I can do it! Of course I'll need your help. There is a widget on the side of my page now that will stay up until the marathon. I'll post about it a few more times as I keep you all informed on my training. I wanted to bring it up now so you can plan ahead - I know how tight budgets are! No matter how small the donation it will all add up. If half of the people who followed me on twitter pitched in $5 I'd have $82,500 so I know we can reach $2620!

As if finishing a marathon wouldn't be enough of a thrill I can't imagine hitting this goal and realizing as I cross the finish line that I helped support a no-kill shelter that serves thousands of abandoned, neglected and stray animals each year.

Now that's something worth running for!

MarathonCheck out my GoFundMe page here!

Have you ever worked with a charity before?