Massive Weekend Recap

Now that I'm full swing into the Fall term I look forward to the weekends even more than I did before (as if I thought that was possible). Matt and I have both been pretty stressed out lately so we planned a fun day trip to Destin, Fl on Saturday that would culminate with dinner at my parents house that evening. First, a look at our trip to Mellow Mushroom on Friday night.

Matt tried a new Hoagie, and we can't remember the name of it and it's not on their website menu, but it was some sort of sausage fried in beer batter with chipotle dressing.

I stuck with my usual - the best salad ever, the Enlightened Spinach.

Saturday we got up early and tried to do a run but were rained out, again, so I did Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (will write up a review of it soon!) and Matt worked out at home with his resistance bands. We headed out around 8:30 and spent a few hours at The Silver Sands Outlet Mall in Destin before heading to P.F. Changs for lunch. That is the nearest one we have (1.5 hours from our house!) so whenever we are in Destin we try to go there. Matt got their signature chicken and I went with the Buddhas Feast.

 After lunch we headed to the Destin Commons for a bit more shopping. We both bought a few new items for work and splurged on some Columbia workout wear.

We headed to the Parents house for dinner and I was famished. All that walking and the killer workout I did in the morning made me hungrier than usual and I happily ate as much as I felt necessary to compensate! Mom made homemade meatballs (Morningstar vegetarian for her and I) and spaghetti with a salad and cheesy garlic bread. Matt and I devoured it and Dad commented that we seem easy to please. Carbs like that are a treat for us!

Dad took t his photo of Matt and I on his phone (to explain the sudden change in pictorial quality!)

Dad pointed out how much I picked on Matt on my "Matt's Day" post. I can't help he's such an easy target (and an even better sport). Of course now I have to pick on him again. In the car on the way to my parents we were listening to NPR and they were singing "Oh Shenandoah" and, after a few minutes of listening, Matt turned to me and said "I can't believe they keep singing Shannen Doherty's name over and over!"

Sunday morning we got up and went for a long walk (about 1.5 hours!) since it was the coolest day we've had here in months. We walked down to the park and took a break to take some portraits.

Matt spotted some birds peacefully perched at the end of the pier that he felt compelled to antagonize. I may have encouraged him.

Finally, I'll leave you with this picture of Salem sitting like a boss.