Matt and Erica Go Formal

One thing about living in the South is that people really love tradition around here. They also love alcohol. Fiesta of Five Flags is the perfect embodiment of both. A description, taken from their official website here, of what Fiesta of Five Flags is: "The Fiesta of Five Flags organization was formed to celebrate the founding of Pensacola. In 1559, Spanish Conquistador, Don Tristan de Luna, established Pensacola as the first European settlement in the United States. Since that time five different flags have flown over the City: Spanish, French, British, Confederate, and American. Fiesta plans and produces over 20 events throughout the year with the help of a plethora of volunteers. These events are designed to appeal to all ages and interests, as well as promote tourism for the area. Fiesta has always been a significant celebration for the Pensacola Bay Area. A 10-day heritage celebration, held the first two weeks in June, is one of the oldest and largest heritage festivals in the State of Florida."

This past Friday night Matt and I attended the Coronation Ball. Basically, they decorated the civic center and handed out free alcohol while we sat around in formal attire watching an hour long procession of Pensacola's elite dressed in Period Costumes re-enact the court of Tristan de Luna. I actually had a good time thanks to wonderful company and I'll take any excuse to get dressed up!