Meet Salems new brother, Rudy!

This weekend was a very special one because I got to meet my new fur child, Rudy! 2014-11-16 10.39.29I LOVE those spots around his mouth! Travis thinks it has something to do with his teeth being removed a few years ago since he didn't have the spots before. Rudy (and his other cat) have been living with his Dad for the last 5 years while Travis was being bounced around in the Army. Now that he is more settled we are taking them back (cat #2 will be coming down with us when we visit his family in Ohio over Christmas.) Travis found Rudy when he was about a year old by a dumpster, and now he's a spry 14 year old grandpa!

Travis believes Rudy is part bengal, and it's proven daily with how vocal he is:

We are anxious to see how Salem and Rudy will get along, but I think things will be fine as we are going to introduce them very slowly based on some research I've done on blending household pets together.

The rest of the weekend was pretty tame. We went into town (Dothan) on Saturday to do some shopping and have lunch at Panera. Can't get enough of their Autumn squash soup! 2014-11-15 12.08.09

While at Walmart later I found this in the freezer isle. Not sure what 'YOLO chocolate' should taste like.2014-11-15 18.52.11Sunday morning I did a slow 6 mile run. My knee and hip feel 100% normal again but the top of my foot is super tight and hurts when I flex it up. After a few miles it loosens up so I'm hoping it will be fine for our half marathon this weekend!2014-11-16 07.21.36-1

2014-11-16 07.22.00-1This is my last full week of teaching! Next week is Thanksgiving, and the following week I'll only be teaching at one school for two weeks and then the term is officially over. I've had so many students ask me this term if I'm teaching in the Spring and I hate having to tell them no. I'll still be teaching online but it's just not the same. The moment Travis finds out where we will be moving in the Summer/Early Fall I'm going to start hounding local schools to teach there.

How was your weekend? When will you be setting out Holiday decorations (I think Travis and I may start next week!)