Mini Stuffed Mushrooms

We couldn't get enough of the Baked Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese last week so we had to make it again this past Sunday. This time we paired it with a new stuffed mushroom recipe we found on We've been using giant portobellos a lot lately and wanted to try something new so we went with regular mushrooms and a different stuffing. They were incredible! Matt and I both agree that there is some sort of magical event that happens in your mouth when you combine mushrooms and cream cheese together.

Nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen!

Overall I think I may prefer the larger stuffed portobello recipe just because you can eat those as your 'main' meal item and at 230ish calories they are filling and quite healthy for you. These mini stuffed mushrooms come in at almost 90 calories each so it's much easier to end up eating more than you'd like since they are so small and tasty! Unfortunately, I didn't eat 6 of them with dinner - that picture is of Matt's portion! Damn him and his giant frame and quick metabolism.