Mother's Day Weekend: Museum trip, NSYNC dolls & Special Trip Announcement!

My parents drove up on Saturday to spend the day in Dothan with us. We started off with taking them to the Army Aviation museum on post. Within in an hour my low back was killing me! I need to get better sandals. Aweekend2We had a few antique stores lined up to go to but decided to stop and get yogurt first. I was hungry (actually ate a protein bar on the drive there I couldn't wait!) and I knew sitting down for a bit would help energize me for an afternoon of shopping. We went to a new yogurt place, Chill yogurt, and we all loved it! They had tons of GF flavors for Dad, and Travis and I are all about the toppings so we were in heaven at their extensive topping bar.

My concoction. AweekendSadly it's getting harder for me to eat a lot at once so I only ate the toppings and about 1/3 of the yogurt before letting Travis finish the rest. He didn't mind, even after eating this giant bowl himslef:

Aweekend1We spent the next few hours shopping at two different antique malls. At the first one I came across this NSYNC marionette doll set. I got home and saw the price was $40 for the set and actually kicked myself for not getting it! I could not care less about the band, but it's just so fantastical! I looked on Ebay and they actually had quite a few sets for sale for a similar price. What a bizarre toy idea.


I put in about 10 hours of work grading online this weekend. I'm trying to get ahead on hours since I'll be out of town Thursday-Saturday this week. I'm flying to Newport, Rhode Island to meet up with Team SCA the only all female team to compete in what is considered the world’s toughest ocean race 'The Volvo Ocean Race'. It is a 39,000 mile race around the world on 65 foot yachts. The squad comprises 15 elite female athletes from the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden and The Netherlands, who are sailing the boat throughout the ten-leg race, visiting 11 cities, over nine months of racing across five oceans.  The age range onboard is from 28 – 42, they are mothers, record breakers, Olympians, engineers, meteorologists, adventurers and above all else athletes.

So, I'm going to be hanging out with a bunch of badass women this week! I'll be there getting to see what life on the boat is like, trying on their gear and feasting on freeze dried food, as well as getting to meet the crew, seeing what their physical training sessions are like, and generally bringing some attention to Team SCA and the Volvo Ocean Race. My OB cleared me for travel and I'm so excited to go on one last solo vacation before the baby arrives!

I've always dreamed of visiting the New England area and I can't imagine a better time of year. It's 92 here in Alabama and the high on Thursday in Newport is 64. I'm going to be in heaven. Plus, IT'S GORGEOUS.

Newport{Image source}

I imagine it being this super rich folk town with a sleepy Stars Hallow feel (Gilmore Girls reference.) I'll be sharing tons of photos on my social media channels while I'm there so be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

How was your weekend? Have you ever been to Rhode Island?