My Birthday Weekend

10 years ago I would have celebrated my birthday by drinking until 4 a.m., drunk eating the hell out of Waterburger on the way home, and waking up to realize I sent some embarrassing texts to an ex-boyfriend. Now? All I wanted was some sleep, and Mom's home cooking.

My birthday (Saturday) started off with baby boy letting me sleep 5 hours straight! He started sleeping through the night at 2.5 weeks, but went through a cluster feeding episode last week and was nursing every 1-3 hours round the clock for three lovely days. Thankfully we seem to be back on a better 'schedule.' Every morning after I nurse him I'll change his diaper, put him in a new outfit, and he will just smile and smile at me! It's the best way ever to start a day.

I left the babe with Grandpa for a few hours so Mom and I could go check out a Holiday craft fair. Mom bought him this amazing 5 foot long wooden train set that was only $25! birthday train

Later that afternoon my parents and I took the baby out for a walk, and went to the mall for a little bit. Aside from a quick trip into the grocery store after his 2 week check-up this was the first time he had been out in public. He did great! I wore him in the Bjorn for about 90 minutes and he slept the entire time. 

That night Mom made one of my favorite dinners, Greek rice casserole, and we had angel food cake for dessert. I definitely had two slices each day this weekend. Birthday calories don't count. birthday cake

Sunday I woke up to my favorite smiling face and got to put him in one of his warmer outfits since it was in the low 50's! That's crazy for Florida. 

Since he gave me another 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep I had enough energy to head out for a run right after breakfast. I ran/walked a 5k in just under 44 minutes (ran 2.1 miles total and walked 1/4 mile intervals every 5-6 minutes.) birthday 5k

The rest of the afternoon was spent eating cake, taking naps, and snuggling with this guy. 

Travis spent the weekend exploring Alaska and setting up our furniture since the movers arrived with our stuff on Friday. I was worried they wouldn't come before my Dad and I flew up there with the baby this Saturday. Between seeing photos of our house being set up and the trip Travis took to Santa's Workshop in the North Pole (seriously, that's the name of the town) I'm so excited to be heading up there this week.

How was your weekend? 

What meal would you have your Mom make on your birthday?