My Favorite, Environmentally Friendly, Laundry Hack


Call me lazy. I've been called worse.

Travis and I throw all of our laundry together (no sorting by color or type) and wash it all in cold water. I know, I know, it's crazy talk. We had both been doing our laundry this way for years, so when we met and I found out we were both doing laundry the super lazy-effective way I knew it was fate.

Laundry Hack

I don't know  how I got started doing it like this. I'm assuming it was due to being single and it taking a full week for one good sized load to pile up. I didn't want to have to separate it out into 2-3 tiny loads, so I figured I'd just throw it all in and wash it on cold. Well, now that I've done some research on the method I'm happy to say it's a completely effective, environmentally friendly, way to do laundry!

  • 90% of the energy used in washing clothing is from heating the water
  • If you wash 80% of your laundry on cold/cold for a year, you should save from $60-100 on your energy bills
  • The average household opting for cold can eliminate as much as 350 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually

Take the green living up a  notch and use naturally derived cleaning products. I've been using method for years, and was excited to try out their laundry detergent.

Reasons method is awesome:

  • Naturally derived cleaning power that is tough on dirt and stains
  • Works great in cold water so you use less energy for every load
  • Biodegradable and hypoallergenic formula
  • Can also be used as a really effective pre-treat for stains
  • Delicious fragrances; ginger mango, spring garden, beach sage, fresh clover and free + clear (we'll be using the last when babe comes)
  • Bottles made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials + is fully recyclable


After switching to method for the last two weeks Travis and I both love it. It smells great, and I love that it doesn't have crazy chemicals in it and it will be safe to use on babe's clothing when his adorable onesies are thrown into the mix. 

Online retailers, ASOS, has teamed up with method to curate a section of clothes that’re all machine washable!Use the code THREEFORME for $3 off your online method purchase. Method_Detergent_031315_Ginger_Mango_074x

Anyone else use the 'dump it all together and wash cold method?

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