My Favorite Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

I get so many requests for the recipes that I use that I thought I'd share a few of my favorites here today. All of the recipes I've created can be found under my recipe page. The recipes that I use often that I did not create myself can be found on my pinterest boards.

Gluten Free & Vegan Corndog Muffins. I kind of lived off these during marathon training! Super filling and reminiscent of some of my favorite comfort food. I love how portable they are.  corndog muffinsChickpea Salad with Baked Falafel. One of the very first recipes I shared on here and it's also ridiculously simple. Usually falafel is fried in oil but I took a box mix and baked it instead - cutting calories without sacrificing flavor. Chickpea salad and baked falafel

Ridiculously Low Calorie Zucchini Pasta. I even have a dorky tutorial video to go with this recipe. You'll need a spiralizer (I got mine off Amazon for $16.50) but it quickly became one of my most used kitchen utensils. zucchini pastaVeggie Packed Pasta. Using faux beef this dish is vegetarian and super high in protein. This is a great meal for sneaking veggies into your kids diet. It calls for a bag of frozen veggies steamed, then you chop them up super finely to bulk up the pasta without adding many calories. Drowned in delicious sauce you can hardly taste them in there. Veggie PastaPeanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies (for one!) I cannot be trusted with a full batch of cookies in the house so I prefer to make single serving desserts.  I whipped these up one day using two of my favorite foods: Peanut butter & Oatmeal. I can't lie - I've totally had these for breakfast before. PB2 Oatmeal cookiesWhat recipe are you loving right now? What types of recipes do you have a hard time finding? I'm always on the look out for good GF & vegan recipes!