My First 5k! The Great Pumpkin Run

This past weekend I ran my first official race - the Great Pumpkin Run here in Pensacola, Fl. I had an amazing time! When I started looking to do my first race a few months ago I regularly read online that this was one of the best in the city. It certainly didn't hurt that they had ridiculous amounts of pumpkin bread ready for the runners at the Finish Line!

The beautiful design found on the shirts for this years run!

I went to bed the night before the run ridiculously excited. I can't remember the last time I went to sleep excited for something! I woke up at my usual 5 a.m. and killed some time running errands and picking up my race packet before my parents got to my house around 7:30. My Dad is a runner (ran his first Marathon a few years ago!) and I'm so glad they were able to come out to see me. It was great having people cheering you on at the end! I never made it to one of his races, which I of course regret, but I hope to someday now that I can absolutely understand what racing entails!

Pre-Race photo right after I put my first race bib on!. Butterflies in my tummy not shown in picture :)

Salem wished me luck. Or cursed me, I can't quite tell by his facial expressions.

There was a bagpipe band playing before the race - the energy in the air was electric!

A few minutes before the race started I took my place behind the starting line. I ran into a few students before and after! I tried to get my RunKeeper set up but failed epically.

My plan was to start my RunKeeper as soon as I crossed over the starting line since I knew it would be about 20-30 seconds after the actual start time. I'm not sure what happened - but about a mile in I realized that it hadn't turned on and I was all on my lonesome to keep my pace steady!

There's me! Dad took this right out of the gate. Overall I tried to have no expectations going in since this was my first race. However, I was really hoping for a sub-30 time. I ran it once a few weeks ago but my running hasn't been quite as routine lately as it was a few weeks ago. The route was 3.18 miles (5k is 3.1) and the few seconds I had lagging behind the group at the start played their part in my final time of 31:08. Not bad, but I think if I was using my RunKeeper I could have pushed myself harder seeing how close I was and more accurately recorded my time. Next time! And there will be lots of next times!

 As soon as I finished I went straight for the water. I always run with some so it was strange not having it with me. I passed by the pumpkin bread and bananas a few times before I finally caved and had some!

I'm all lazy eyed because of crazy sun coming in from that side. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Check out Dad's shirt - he's such a beast! After the race we headed to Evermans Co-Op so I could stock up on some treats to try out this week. I'm on the hunt for a protein powder and, while most of these are more 'nutritional powders', I like being able to try something out before spending $30 on it.

We finished up with lunch at Roly Poly where I got my usual (and always delicious) spa salad. My metabolism was definitely in high gear after all the adrenaline from the morning so I sure enough ate the hell out of some peanut butter as soon as we got back from lunch.

Aside from stuffing my face I also tried on the race shirt. It's a size small but definitely a tent - I think next time I'll ask for a child's size! I had SUCH an incredible time at the race and am hoping to do 2 more before the end of the year!

Have you ran a race before? If not, do you plan to?