My First Alaskan Run (and more weekend fun)


After spending the last few days of the week last week stuck inside I was dying to get out and enjoy the day on Saturday. Travis went back to work last week so I've been sticking around the house more. With little man eating every two hours (for 30-45 minutes!) it's not very easy for me to get out. Saturday we made our weekly trip to Barnes and Noble and picked up this adorable Christmas book. The baby has $100 allocated to him every month in our budget and since I bought 6 months worth of diapers on sale before he was even born we've had more money to buy books and cute winter outfits with. Santa Book

While there I almost ran straight into this Sailor Moon display. I was so tempted to buy one! I still have a ridiculous amount of Sailor Moon paraphernalia from middle school. I've looked into selling it before but I just can't part with it. Sailor Moon

There was an Ulta next door where I smelled the most amazing thing in the world. No exaggeration. I kept walking back by it to take another sniff. I snapped a photo of it to remember to put it on my Christmas list!Cinnamon BunsOn Sunday the sun was out in full force (for a whopping 7 hours) so I decided to run for the first time since arriving in Alaska. I bundled up and headed out into the 22 degree weather.

It was just as bad as I anticipated.  Alaska 2

My lungs were on fire within 5 minutes and my legs are so sore now thanks to running with a different gait through all the snow. Still, I managed to run/walk 2 miles in about thirty minutes and I was pretty happy to think I may be able to continue running through the winter months. We had looked into treadmills, but for a decent one you really have to spend close to $1,000 and even then I've heard it can be a nightmare trying to get it repaired if anything breaks (especially in remote areas ... like Alaska.)Alaska 1

Plus, I run just as much for the fresh air and chance to be outside as I do any cardiovascular health benefit. AlaskaFor those who run in cold climates, how do you manage it? My husband has a thing you wear around your head to cover your mouth that I'll start wearing. I'm assuming my lungs will acclimate eventually (I hope.) Any tips for how to run in the snow would be appreciated as well!

How was your weekend?

Would you rather run in 100 degree weather, or 0 degrees? So far I'm leaning toward the heat!