My First Ice Bath & Back to School Clothes Shopping

I finally caved and tried my first ice bath! I knocked out an incredible 11 miles with the group on Saturday. I felt really, really good. I usually grab a handful of raisins to eat before my long runs but this time I ate about 1/4 cup of macadamia nuts. We also got to try endurolyte pills before & during the run and this is the first long run in weeks I've eaten a gu (we have 1 quick water break around mile 6.) I think all these things combined led to a perfect run! Well, almost perfect. My achilles heel is a bit sore and I've been icing it all weekend. I'm not used to running hills and the courses we take have a lot of them. I guess this is what I get for running away from hills for the last year!2013-08-10 08.47.19The ice bath really wasn't as cold as it could/should be. I just picked up a 10 lb bag on the way home and I read you should add more but since it was my first time I was more interested in just getting a feel for it. The water was shockingly cold at first, but once my legs were fully submerged it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be!

I'm trying to not use the crazy miles I'm putting in as an excuse to eat whatever I want (more on that tomorrow, along with a peek at this weeks food prep) but I did treat myself to a little air-popped popcorn with real butter, salt & mini m-n-m's Saturday night. One of the best things I've made all year. Hands down.

2013-08-10 17.47.57

Sunday I lounged around the house until noon then hit up the mall to try and get some new clothes for work and the Fall semester. I saw NY & Company was having their BOGO pants sale so I stopped in to pick up a few new pairs. I ended up grabbing this black dress to try on and fell in love with it.2013-08-11 13.00.39It needs a long or chunky necklace to go with it but the cut was just perfect for me. Usually dresses are way to long on my 5'2" frame so I hardly try them on anymore (and ain't nobody got time for tailoring) so I was shocked this fit so well. The dresses were BOGO 50% off so I picked up one more to try on and loved it just as much. 2013-08-11 13.26.34Last time I went clothes shopping, a few months ago, it literally took me a few weekends of going out before I found a few pieces I liked enough to buy.  I'm totally stingy with my money so I only get things I know I'll wear a lot and I scored big this weekend. Also, I was making small talk with the cashier about my jobs and when she rang me up she gave me a 15% off discount for teachers. I had no idea they did that! She said they do it for military as well so next time your in the store you should ask.

Know of any other stores that give teacher discounts?