My Holiday Diet

With Thanksgiving this week we are officially entering the time of year where the majority of women start to lament about the dreaded Holiday weight gain. In the spirit of that anxiety I thought I'd take today to give you all some insight on what I'll be doing this Holiday season to combat any changes in weight. Not a damn thing.

I already eat healthy 80% of the time. I workout often. I'm not going to change that, give myself a complex if I eat a cookie, or promise myself I'll workout more if I happen to overindulge.

Last Christmas I ate 6 cookies for dinner. I also rocked some pretty epic Hello Kitty pajamas.


Looking back on the last few Holiday seasons what do you remember?

I remember getting my Mom the sweetest Christmas present ever.

Leg Lamp

I remember being traumatized by a Santa, and being an adorable baby. {Okay I don't remember this but I love the photos}



What are your memories? Laughing with your family around the table? Watching some of your favorite Holiday movies? Gaining 2 pounds?

Do you see how ludicrous that last question is? I'm not saying to let yourself go crazy and eat whatever you want, but if you already lead a fairly healthy lifestyle than my non-expert advice is to just continue what you are doing now and who cares if you gain a few pounds. Seriously. I don't care. I don't think my family, friends, or co-workers care. I doubt yours would.

I suspect no one has reached the end of their life, looked back over all the holiday seasons they celebrated, and thought, "Man, if I had only been 5 pounds thinner..."

What are your favorite Holiday memories? What is the absolutely worst that could happen if you gained 5 pounds?