My Role as an Animal Rescue Advocate

I've had a few people tell me that once my actual baby is here I won't refer to my cats as my babies anymore.

I highly doubt that.

I know a lot can, and will, change once our son is here. However, Salem has had my heart for 8 years now and I can't imagine loving him any less once he has been dethroned as #1 son.

Salem beast

I am very passionate about acting as an animal rescue advocate. Any pets I have had in the past, or will get in the future, have been rescues. Salem and his brother (who passed away when he was 18 months) were found in an alley together. They were both born with Feline FIV (like human HIV) and, thankfully, taken in by a vet tech who found them. She had posted an ad in the newspaper with a photo of them together saying they were FIV+ but she'd pay for their shots and to be neutered if anyone was interested.

About a week later I mentioned to my Mom how I was thinking about adopting some cats. She mentioned these 'sad little kittens' she saw in the paper. I dug out the paper from the recycling bin, saw the photo, and immediately called the owner. I started off by saying "I know the ad has been in the paper for a while, but I just had to call and see if they were still available."

Her reply, "Honey, you are the first person to even call about them."

Within an hour I was at her house. I first saw Salem being carried in, upside down, by one of her little boys. They put him down and started feeding him some spaghetti. She walked me into her office where I turned the corner and saw my precious little Prince. The moment I made eye contact with him I knew I wasn't leaving without them! I took them home with me, and fell absolutely in love.


Salem takes the greatest photos. I try not to be biased toward him versus Travis's cats, but he really makes some amazing faces. I especially love catching him mid-yawn, or when he's in the midst of licking his lips. He's such a character. Does he randomly attack me sometimes? Yes. Is he afraid of heavy breathing and vacuum cleaners? Absolutely. I love 'em anyway. He's family.


Rachael Ray has this awesome contest going on where you can create a meme of your cat photo for a chance to win a years supply of Rachael Ray Nutrish. Just upload your favorite cat photo to their site and meme it up!

I lol'ed trying out different Salem photos with the preset text they had. This one was definitely my favorite.

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Are you a rescue Mom?