My Updated Food Prep Routine

Last week I wrote about crossing the line from healthy to unhealthy. I was overwhelmed by the positive response it received and wanted to share with you all how my food prep/meals have changed in the last week. My main goals have been:

- Eat more substantial meals

- Snack less

- Not worry about calories

Overall I've don a good job of meeting those goals. Before, I was eating 250-300 calorie snacks/mini meals 6-7 times a day. I used to eat about 5 times a day (3 main meals and 2 snacks) but once I started working from home more and was constantly around my kitchen I just started to graze throughout the day. To compensate I never ate too much at one time since I knew I'd just be back to snacking again in a few hours. This pattern made it difficult to go out and operate on the average persons schedule. I was never hungry enough to go out to dinner, and I couldn't go anywhere without bringing some sort of snack since I got hungry every 2-3 hours. Not very practical, or fun!

My goal now is to eat 3 normal sized meals and snack only if necessary. In essence I think I'll end up eating about the same amount as before, but in a much more sustainable way. Plus, eating more calories at each meal means I get to have more fun cooking again and not just eating small portions/snack type foods!

Part of my plan entails getting back into food prep mode. When I don't have something ready to reheat I'm much more likely to just reach for an easy snack food, so I'm going to start cooking a few meals at a time again to make sure my fridge is always stocked with some healthy options. Yesterday I felt like roasting all of the foods to use up some veggies that were at risk of going bad. IMG_7458The brussel sprout 'chips' were just the outter leaves coated with a bit of olive oil and salt. I polished them off before they had a chance to cool!

2014-01-21 12.17.05The other plate of veggies had 2 tablespoons of glorious coconut oil on them. If you haven't roasted veggies in coconut oil yet you need to get on that. I'm not a fan of the taste of coconut but putting that oil on veggies makes them taste sweet, decadent, and it's really, really healthy fat.

I also roasted my first plantain (not impressed) and some tofu that I pressed and marinated in gluten-free soy sauce.

IMG_7459In my 'snack all day' days I don't think I ever ate on anything bigger than a side/salad plate. I filled up this dinner plate to the brim!

2014-01-21 12.49.13My problem now is filling up my pinterest boards with recipes suitable for my new goals. I'd like to have a protein and at least one veggie side. Or, a 'one pot' meal like soup or a stew that has veggies/protein/cabs all in one. I also try to limit gluten (because of my thyroid condition) and dairy (doesn't always sit well with me!)

See where the difficulty comes in?

What are your favorite dishes? Do you normally have a veggie side with every meal? If not, how do you fit your veggies in?