New Professional Photos (and New Website Coming!)


As I mentioned on Periscope this week I hired a business coach in June. Part of my work with her entails a new website that I hope to have ready within the next few weeks. I needed new photos for the site, and found an amazing local photographer. Kayla Smith is unbelievably talented! I had so much fun hanging out with her after baby boy went to sleep last Wednesday. Isn't it crazy how light it was outside at 10 p.m.?Outdoor bootcamp Plank outdoor exercise

In addition to some fitness photos I wanted a few professional pics and I'm so, so in love with how these turned out!Professional portrait in Fairbanks Alaska

Headshot in Botanical Garden

In the span of two hours we went to a few different locations, I changed in the car, and we got so many great photos. I was hoping for a wide array that would cover my interests; yoga, running, strength training, entrepreneurship ... she hit them all!Runners stretch

Outside meditation

I'm getting these over to my website developer today and can't wait to start designing the new site! It will be a little less blog-ish, and better highlight the products and services I've been focusing on more this year. I'll still be blogging regularly, but I'm excited for the other projects I've got on the horizon!