On the Weekend I Run

Monday through Friday I feel like I'm going a mile a minute between running, teaching 5 classes, and keeping up with the blog and freelance work. By the time this weekend came around Travis and I were both so exhausted we didn't have the energy to do much aside from run a lot and eat a lot. Friday morning I caught a gorgeous pink sunrise and ran past the bench that Travis and I sat at and talked for a bit on our first day. Awww.

2014-09-05 06.20.20

2014-09-05 06.23.11-1

Saturday morning we did 8 miles through one of my favorite neighborhoods in Pensacola. All huge gorgeous old houses I could only afford if I won the lottery someday.2014-09-06 07.47.41-1We came home from the run and found Salem like this. Clearly he had a rough morning.2014-09-06 08.10.04

After the run Travis was craving stuffed french toast from IHOP. I don't think I've been to an IHOP in 10 years so I went ahead and ate my usual bagel + veggie sausage at home before we headed out. They ended up having a few 'light and fit' options including the veggie omelette with a fruit side that I got. Don't get it. It was terrible. Travis's hashbrowns made up for it.2014-09-06 10.29.16-1

The French Toast was overwhelming. I literally took two bites of it and couldn't have anymore. This is coming from the girl who usually has zero ability to control herself around sweets and carbs. The serving wasn't huge yet it packed over 1,000 calories! It was stuffed with strawberry cream cheese and was just so ... dense. 2014-09-06 10.29.25-1Saturday night we played hidden object games in bed on my computer before falling asleep to Saved by the Bell the College Years by 9 p.m.. Balling out of control.

Sunday we headed out to for a 15 mile run. My target pace was 10:30. HA. hahaha. After keeping that pace for the first two miles it quickly spiraled downhill into one of the worst runs of my life. The humidity was ridiculously high (the kind of thick humidity just before a rain that suffocates you) and I kept getting the worst side stitches. I rarely get them so I'm attributing them to not being able to breathe right/get enough oxygen in thanks to the high humidity. Also, I just was not feeling it. Travis gets so frustrated with me because I get really bent out of shape if I can't keep up the pace I want to. He doesn't get it. He can't understand why I can't just run for fun, taking breaks whenever I need to, and run as slow as I need to. I know I'm hard on myself and I've been really fixated on the marathon finish time I have my eyes set on in November and maybe I just need to let it go for this next week (a fall back/reduced mileage week) and run whatever my body feels like.

It's still discouraging to me when I can't move my legs like I want them to. I ended up running the last mile in 14 minutes. Yes, you can actually RUN a mile in 14 minutes. 2014-09-07 09.42.49I thought I would come home, skip breakfast, and console myself with chips and bean dip. While it tasted delicious my stomach hated me. I fell immediately into a carb/long-run induced coma on the couch with Travis. About 2 hours later we woke up and I finished off the chips and dip. Again, my stomach hated me.

2014-09-07 10.54.56After we spent the majority of the day being sloths we ventured out to grab dinner from one of our favorite spots - Jasons Deli.

Travis and ICreated the same salad as usual from their salad bar (with banana pudding & chocolate mousse on the side.) I seriously cannot get enough of this place. They have FREE ICE CREAM.

2014-09-07 18.29.02

I feel like we did nothing, and a lot. Before the weekend even started it was over. What jerk decided we needed only two days off every week?

Have you ever had to let go of a goal that wasn't working for you anymore?

Any food you LOVE that doesn't love you back?