Now Travis is Officially a Part of my Family


This weekend was Travis's birthday and for one of his gifts I made him a Christmas stocking to match the one's my family and I have. StockingsMy Grandma made the one for my Mom when she was a baby, my Mom made Dad's when they were dating in high school, and Mom made the one's for my brother and I when we were born. So, Travis's stocking is a baby in age compared to all of these!

I didn't want Travis to find out I was making him something so I worked on the stocking while hiding in my closet while he was at work. When I heard his car I could quickly jump out and close the door so he wouldn't see anything. As I sat there sewing by hand in a cramped closet for hours on end I thought of all the labor laws I was  violating. 2014-12-19 14.16.54It turned out beautifully! Travis loved it, and then when I showed him the photo of all the other family stockings he said, "Why did you make mine to look just like all the others?" Guys. Pft. IMG_8267I gave him a few other gifts (like Home Improvement Season 2....which may have been a gift for both of us!) and they were all wrapped in this awesome cat paper from Target. 2014-12-19 18.59.47

I spent a lot of time walking and running this weekend. Almost two hours Saturday in the form of a 6 mile walk, and another good chunk Sunday morning with a 10 mile run. 2014-12-20 16.19.06

2014-12-21 09.13.03-1

2014-12-20 16.21.01

After my run Sunday I spent a good deal of the day in bed. I loathe the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I totally channeled the creepy old Grandparents who spend their lives in bed. I ate breakfast in bed (while drinking my Zevia mimosa and watching Sabrina), I worked in bed, I ate lunch in bed, and I watched at least 10 episodes of Sailor Moon, in bed. 2014-12-21 09.46.39Oh, and I also started playing Sims on my phone, in bed. I love naming and designing my characters. 2014-12-21 14.44.50I did venture out for a little bit to take selfies and go shopping. 2014-12-21 13.18.52-1We are going to Ohio this week to see his family and I have about zero warm weather clothes. I picked up this super thick sweater from Target that I plan to wear with yoga tights and ankle boots. I'm attempting to be fashionable. 2014-12-21 18.11.38 Even though I work from home now that Travis is off for two weeks I can't imagine getting as much done as I normally do. I'm just in full on veg mode - and I like it. I did spend a few hours last night thinking of blog ideas for 2015. I'm debating branching out into more areas like DIY crafts and travel. A lot of blogs have a specific niche they write in, but I love having the freedom to write about whatever interests me. It may make my blog seem all over the place, but if anything I want my blog to be authentic, and I'm authentically all over the place.

Any things you'd like to see more of on the blog next year? Are you traveling for the Holidays?