Off the Wagon

Don't worry I didn't take up tanning, smoking or fast food again. I am happily announcing that I am falling (more like running and screaming) off  the Apple Cider Vinegar Bandwagon.

I'm fairly certain Tosca Reno is one of the originators for the current Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) craze. Her article discussing the tummy flattening, anti-bloating and overall awesome perks of drinking ACV was convincing enough for me to start incorporating it into my daily routine. I saw Brittney doing it over at Eating Bird Food and after doing my own reserach on WebMD decided there was enough scientifically sound evidence supporting the benefits and I should at least try it for a week and see how it goes.

Well, it's been a week and I can hardly even look at this photo Matt took of me drinking some while we were out this weekend without wanting to vomit.

I will say I don't have a super sensitive stomach. My gag reflex is almost non-existent (insert inappropriate joke here) and if anyone could handle taking swigs of vinegar it should be me. I tried it in ice cold water, in hot water, in lemonade. I added truvia, honey and everything else that could reasonably distract me enough from the pain of drinking vinegar.

It all tasted like shit.

Granted, I could get past that if I saw amazing results from it. Alas, my stomach is no flatter now then it was a week ago, my usual stomach indigestion problems are still kindly reminding me of their presence on a routine basis and I think I've come down with a cold (totally unrelated I'm sure but it was also supposed to help boost immunity).

Given the lack of any benefit whatsoever I'm done.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Have you ever tried a health fad and had it backfire?