Our Alaskan Home


When I found out we would be moving to Alaska with a six week old baby I knew I wanted to have housing secured before we arrived. We couldn't live on post due to their two pet limit, so I started looking at rentals off post. After a few weeks of searching we found one that we both loved. It was available August 1st, but we wouldn't be living there until Oct 1st, so we reached out to the owners to see if we could figure out a way to make it work. We ended up signing the lease and paying half of the rent for the month of September for them to hold it for us. I was a bit nervous about renting a home we hadn't actually seen, but everything worked out perfectly! It's a 1600 square foot two story home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

This is one corner of the living room, we have a large brown leather sectional along two of the walls, and I'm currently working on setting up my new bookshelves along the wall opposite the fireplace so when that's finished I'll share some more photos. We haven't used the fireplace yet as we only have enough wood for a few days worth of fires and want to save it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Usually Travis's television goes where the tree is, but we've moved it to where our console table will go for now. IMG_0753 - Copy

I love our kitchen! It's much bigger than the one we had in Fort Rucker and we have a ridiculous amount of cabinet space. There's floor to ceiling cabinets on the left of this photo. A few of the cabinets are completely empty still.IMG_0771

Our washer and dryer are behind those doors in the kitchen. The cat tower was put there when the movers brought our stuff in but it won't stay there permanently. I like having it by a window for the cats to look out of. IMG_0774

Upstairs is our bedroom, the nursery, the guest room and a bathroom. Our bedroom is set up the same way it was in Fort Rucker. I'm not one for home decorating so this is about as good as it gets! Somehow the part of the lamp on the left that holds the shade up was lost during the move so we need to replace that. We heard horror stories about military movers but ended up with all of our stuff making it here just fine except for a cheap shoe organizer I had. IMG_0793

The nursery is probably my favorite room in the house, but we hardly spend any time in it! During the day baby and I hang out downstairs, and he's not sleeping in his crib yet. This week I'm going to start trying to put him down for naps in his crib. This idea is laughable considering he maybe takes one nap a week on his own (not being worn by me.)

The blanket draped over the crib was made for me by one of my former students. It fits right in with the room!IMG_0797

While I was pregnant I started stocking up on diapers and ended up with 6 cases plus a few packs of newborns for under $150. It's been so nice to have them here and not have to worry about running out! I did some research online to figure out how many of each size to buy and so far I've planned his sizes perfectly. We bought 120 newborns, 2 cases of size 1, 2 cases of size 2 (what he just started wearing this week) and 4 cases of size 3. IMG_0798

Travis's father bought us this gorgeous furniture set from Pottery Barn. The crib converts into a toddler bed, and then a full size bed. The set also had a nightstand, bookshelf and huge dresser. I told Travis this kid will be going off to college with this furniture. I still have my dresser from 4th grade so it's entirely possible. IMG_0803

His budding library.IMG_0801

Both of the bathrooms are teeny tiny. This is 'my' bathroom upstairs. IMG_0809

I love the curtain rod as it's curved outward and has two rods instead of just one. It feels like something you'd see in a semi-fancy hotel.IMG_0816

The final room upstairs is our guest room. It's basically the size of a large closet! We weren't sure what we were going to do with this space. When my Dad came up with me and stayed for a week we set it up for him, and just decided to leave it as a guest room. My parents plan on making two trips up here in 2016, and Travis's family plans to visit as well, so I anticipate it getting a lot of use. IMG_0820

The window on the right wall of the room is right next to that small cat tower. It's really impossible to fit much in here. IMG_0821

So, to keep it real, the only part of our house that is a total disaster still is the downstairs office/gym. I had four black bookshelves like the two on the left, but two were so badly damaged from the Pensacola flood that we just tossed them before moving. The two seen here are in bad shape as well, so I finally bought new ones I had been looking at online at Target for ages. That's the project I'm working on organizing in the living room. I need to finish it to make room in the office for something big that will be arriving this week!


This is the warmest room of the house and all three cats hang out here during the day. Salem on the bed on the floor by the chair, Smokey on top of the chair, and Rudy in the bed on my old kitchen table by the window.

Poor Rudy looks like he's aged 10 years since we moved up here. I'm calling the vet today to get him an appointment to have a general check up.IMG_0828


The door in the office leads to the downstairs bathroom. Eventually we plan to get all of the books into the new bookshelves in the living room, and turn this space more into a home gym. I always work from my laptop in the living room, and Travis does the same, so having an office space was pretty pointless for us. IMG_0832

I hope you enjoyed the tour! As I finish up organizing spaces in the house I'll share more photos. Since I spend so much time at home now during the Winter it's nice to have a space I really enjoy being in.

Where do you do your work/studying while at home?

How long does it take you to have your house set up after you move?